*   *   *

UPDATE 24: Sat. Jan 29 12:43pm EST: Al-Jazeera has broadcast video of the damage at the National Museum, aka Egyptian Museum. The strange this about these images is that they demonstrate that the damage is certainly more than a few mummies, which is what Reuters reported that Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said:

“Egyptian citizens tried to prevent them and were joined by the tourism police, but some (looters) managed to enter from above and they destroyed two of the mummies,” he said.

More as it develops, though it certainly appears that there are soldiers in the Museum.

*   *   *

UPDATE 25: Sat. Jan 29 12:57pm EST: This photo via Twitter of the “human wall” protecting the National Museum from looters:

And BBC broadcast the following photos a few moments ago:

*   *   *

UPDATE 26: Sat. Jan 29 3:39pm EST: Some troubling news via Al-Jazeera. The fire at the NDP headquarters is still burning and there is fear that it could potential spread to the National Museum. So, we’re NOT out of the woods yet.

Another image from Al-Jazeera a few minutes later:

*   *   *

UPDATE 27: Sat. Jan 29 4:22pm EST: Some video footage from inside the museum.This appears to be the exact same footage shown on Al-Jazeera.

via NYTimes’s The Lede blog & @cmonstah

YouTube video

*   *   *

UPDATE 28: Sat. Jan 29 4:22pm EST: Numerous news sources are saying that the Egyptian authorities have closed the Pyramids of Giza to tourists. It appears there are tourists still visiting tourist sites in Egypt. As incredible as that sounds, it appears to be true.

Also, here is a screenshot of Zahi Hawass, chairman of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, speaking to Al-Jazeera in front of the National Museum:

Hawass shared his concern about the fire at the NDP building, which is next door to the National Museum. This from Associated Press, via NPR:

“If it is damaged through looting or fire, it would be a loss to all humankind,” he said.

And he says the following about the looters and the damage sustained by the Museum:

“They managed to stop them,” Hawass said. He added that the would-be looters only vandalized two mummies, ripping their heads off. They also cleared out the museum gift shop.

The prized King Tutankhamun exhibit had not been damaged and was safe, he said.

*   *   *

UPDATE 29: Sat. Jan 29 4:22pm EST: Another view of the of the NDP Headquarters fire and its proximity to the National Museum, via Danny Ramadan. The image is obviously from earlier today and it appears to be taken from Tahrir Square:

*   *   *

UPDATE 30: Sat. Jan 29 6:09pm EST: The AP story on NPR now has the very vivid title:


I don’t remember that being the title earlier today, but otherwise the body of the article seems to be the same.

*   *   *

UPDATE 31: Sat. Jan 29 6:17pm EST: We can’t verify this yet but we have seen something similar to this echoing around the web for a few hours now. If this is true, this may seal the fate of the NDP and spark more anger from the Egyptian people. via HistoryOftheAncientWorld:

Germany’s ZDF television has reported that a high-ranking member of the ruling National Democratic Party was involved in the attack on the museum, which holds some of the country’s most important historical artifacts, including the King Tutankhamun exhibit.

Can anyone confirm?


I can confirm: german TV ZDF reports acording to eyewitnesses that high NDP officials have been involved in looting the museum last night. Anyone in cairo to confirm this?

*   *   *

UPDATE 32: Sat. Jan 29 6:36pm EST: Daily Mail has published an AP photo of the Egyptian army standing guard in front of the Pyramids of Giza, with the following title, “Egyptian Looters Destroy 2,000-Year-Old Mummies in Bid to Steal King Tut’s Treasures“:

The article has some more info and the number of looters:

Nine men broke into the Egyptian Museum in the early hours of yesterday, taking advantage of damage caused to the building’s security by a fire in the neighbouring headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party.

They were caught by police and a crowd of civilians while carrying out the skulls of two mummies and two statues estimated to be more than 2,000 years old.

*   *   *

UPDATE 33: Sat. Jan 29 7:37pm EST: King Tut Objects Damaged?

The Eloquent Peasant Egyptopologist blog has done some fascinating detective work and been trying to figure out what was exactly damaged. Her suggestions for the damaged pieces in the TV footage that has been making the rounds is quite convincing.

Here are two juxtapositions between artifact photos and screenshots from Al-Jazeera, check her blog for more. I researched the titles and dates of the object here and here. If this research is true than at least some of the damaged objects are part of the world-renowned King Tut stash:

Left, Ritual Figures of King Tut Hunting a Hippopotamus; Right, Ritual Figures of King Tut Astride a Panther — Both objects date from around the time of the death of Tutankhamun, in 1324 BC. They were discovered, along with the rest of the treasures of Tut’s tomb, in 1922. (images via TheEloquentPeasant)

* * *

UPDATE 34: Sat. Jan 29 11:35pm EST: Since there doesn’t appear to be any new developments, we’re calling it quits tonight. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow but until then we wanted to say good night with this screenshot from an AP video from earlier today (Saturday) showing firefighters extinguishing the fire at the NDP headquarters high-rise. You can see the reddish National Museum building on the right:

* * *



Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

109 replies on “Breaking: Images of Egyptian Museum Damage [UPDATE 34] King Tut Objects Damaged?”

  1. not very clear situation: Zahi and his friends are capable of doing this looting (with or without president’s support for this) to discredit the egyptian people that are manifesting outside…

    1. I was in that museum a year ago. I was amazed at how close you can get to the King Tut artifacts. Even the gold funeral mask is in the middle of a room behind only thin plate glass. Please don’t destroy your heritage. We are praying for our friends in New Maadi. Be safe and God bless Egypt.

  2. Być może to i faktycznie prowokacja. Ale można zobaczyć (to co się rzuca się w oczy podczas zwiedzania) zabytki które w innym muzeum byłyby trzymane jako największy skarb tam są wystawiane w gablotach jak w jakimś muzeum regionalnym (oczywiście poza złotem z grobowca Tutenchamona)

  3. @martani_net: Many of my Egyptian friends are there and I’m really worried ’bout them but for god’s sake what does plundering the museum have to do with fighting for freedom? Tourism is Egypt’s daily bread and generates most income. Destroying it will cause Egypt’s fall.

    @Jhjhagsjags: starym rupieciem to chyba sam jesteś i w dodatku totalnymignorantem

    1. I do remember an Egyptian guide saying to me in 2006 that in his opinion Egyptians are only interested in their past when they can make money out of it. Just looting.

    2. it quite a posibility, i have seen this happen before, that these absurd forms of looting, are actually done by the same goverment, just to show how insane and mad the liberation movement.
      why would real egyptians do something like this? HArd to believe

      1. they are following the crowd,,I think it’s called mass hysteria,,,they are blinded of the real reason

    3. That is exactly Mubarak’s point… If I’m going down I’m taking all of you and this country with me.

  4. he unrest that began in Tunisia and is now roiling Egypt spreads to Jordan.

    No longer confined to the Mahgreb. Jordan is so often held up as an example of a “moderate” Muslim country. This is not entirely true—see the resistance there to even the mildest reforms vis-a-vis “honor” killings. Nonetheless, it is “moderate” enough to have become a target.


    Islamists, leftists and trade unionists gathered in central Amman Friday for the latest protest to demand political change and wider freedoms.

    A crowd of at least 3,000 chanted: “We want change.”

    Don’t these leftists and trade unionists realize what kind of “change” the “Islamists” want? Likely not. The horrific example of Iran—and its savage liquidation of their former leftist allies following the “Islamic Revolution” there seems to have taught them *nothing*, assuming they are aware of it at all.


    The protest after Friday prayers was organized by the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood which is the only effective opposition and biggest party, but included members of leftist parties and trade unions….

    “After Friday prayers”—these protests against Jordan’s comparatively moderate regime were fomented *in the mosques*, and incited in Friday Kutbas.

    *Why* is the Muslim Brotherhood the “only effective opposition”? This is so common in the Muslim world, where the only counter to the authoritarian regime is Islam, Islam, and more Islam.

    There is, of course, no genuine democratic opposition. The “leftists and trade unionists” do not, for better or worse, represent a large, organized opposition, either. They are just along for the ride with the “Islamists”, inflating demonstration numbers and unwittingly providing a fig-leaf of pluralism.

    More: ,Islam desroys

    1. @Here comes Islam” Your comments sounds so much racist zionist type. Who are u? Are u in the Israel mossad employee?

      1. Just an ordinary peace lover:

        Nice that you love peace, we all do. You don’t seem to know too much of politics, though. Go watch a little CNN at least. The whole Western World shares the concerns worded by “Here comes Islam”. This is exactly how the Iran revolution started, and look where they got. Had they known!

        1. CNN what? CNN a right wing propaganda organization. Try someone a little more balanced. I’m surprised you didn’t suggest Fox.

        1. Just an FYI, hating Mossad and the Israeli state/government does not equal hatred of the Jewish people. Zionism is also not an ideology shared by all Jews, in fact Hassidic Jews are anti-zionist for theological reasons. The two should not be confused. Please be careful and make the distinction. Signed, another Jewish American

      2. Are you at all aware of the irony inherent in your post? Probably not. Too busy apologizing and making excuses for islam.
        You use the code word “Zionist”. This reveals you for what you are. A racist. And then you accuse someone who opposes the spread of islam and the sharia nightmare that goes with it, of being “racist”. You guys gotta get it together better than that if you’re going to fool people.
        Tell me Oh Enlightened One…what race is islam? I’m pretty sure that you’ll find that islam is a “religion” (at least it pretends to be…) and not a race.
        Do you fail to understand the word “race”? In case you missed it there are Chinese muslims, Caucasian muslims…there are muslims from every race on earth.
        Now try another…I’ve heard them all at one time or another…
        Don’t make me start quoting the hadiths you don’t wish to be known. Does the name Father Botros ring a bell? How about some quotes from the Little Green Book of islamic Jurisprudence…? I could quote from the rules on how to have sex with children…”as young as an infant” for those here. Ooops…sorry. I’ll stop there. I won’t go in to the rules for sex with animals or what happens if you accidentally have sex with your father in law…oops…

        islam is a lie and
        Truth is killing it.

  5. Show me one case of Western Protestors fucking up museums. (As of the last sixty years, includes N America, Western Europe, Australia.)

    There is none.

    I laugh at this. (It’s terrible but, shows you what the region is like.)

    1. Whatever says “Show me one case of Western Protestors fucking up museums”—– Exactly we “Shock and awe” blast the shit out the other guys museums and then we send in Blackwater type crooks (Iraq). We’re so smart…..Oh by the way the fire bombing of Dresden, the Leveling of Berlin, destroying of Tokyo etc that doesn’t count…war you know….London, Liverpool, they don’t count….

      1. Excuse you very much for making such biased and inaccurate statements! I have friends from the Oriental Institute (Chicago) that were IN Baghdad during the invasion and they *begged* the US to intervene to help protect the antiquities that were in the museum there. The US stood by and LET IT HAPPEN! The US was complicit in the lootings that happened there and lets not even go into the countless indigenous archaeological sites that are desecrated and destroyed via corporate US interests.

    2. You’re ignorant. Clearly it is the government doing this. Notice only one case is broken in, in a whole row of display cases and no one is there but the a cop. If it was raided there would be way more damage and someone would have stolen the mask I’m sure. The cops broke it with their gun I’m sure. Unless you have been to Egypt or no the Egyptians don’t be so quick to judge them. Pure ignorance at its best.

  6. This could be Mubarak’s thugs for all we know. His police forces left ethics and humanity in the dust a long time ago. I would put nothing past them.

  7. takie miejsca powinny być strzeżone od razu jak wybuchły zamieszki…tysiące lat historii…:(

  8. ta mumia co lezy na ziemi zostala przez napalonych rabusi kilka razy wydupczona w kupsztala. i na co tera komu wydupczona mumia? zero pozytku.

  9. I see no headless mummies in these pictures. nor anything actually broken or taken besides glass. I guess those looters had a heart after all… or perhaps these are just not accurate photographs. I guess violent rampaging looters know how to break a picture frame and leave the art intact. thank god for that.

    I see the wall of many people in front of the museum also.

    Animals… who are we to judge the worth of a history we never chose to learn from, why should an impoverished people place value on a corpse when we dont ourselves. Or art for that matter. Who is the animal? those who still practice some effort of constructive voice and a withstrained hand or those who know better, have better.. and do worse?

    As we speak hundreds of museums in The States are being forced to close, we cant find anything better to do than rewrite American literature ( and cut education… why on this earth would some people find value in a corpse? (Should I name how many mansions are built on Indian burial grounds?) We cant even offer respect these days to our own time and place in the history we are currently shaping for our future. Surprised? not in the least. Saddned.. yeah but no more than I am every other day watching the decline of National Park funding and protection.. State parks may as well be gone. History books … laughable. Then again maybe you didnt catch

    “LGBT Books Vandalized With Urine in Lamont Library”

    “Even With a $27.4B Endowment, Harvard Cannot Save The Peed-On Queer Library Books”

    And THIS is OUR Upper 1%…..
    And we are the facade we think the world should choose to follow.

    I’d say we set a GREAT model foundation… dont you?
    At what point exactly do you think America should stfu and mind our own business? 🙂

    My spirit is with the people of Egypt right now as they are the Voice, the Revolution Our Country once stood pridefully for as One Nation. Perhaps we have a lot to learn from them.

    1. Look closer. The pictures clearly shown items missing, statuary broken (ie, feet on stands without bodies, figures without feet), and the boat model from the pyramid of Khufu broken up.

    2. I’m Blackfoot Indian and I defy you to show me even ONE case of a mansion having been built on an Indian burial ground… While we’re at it why don’t you give a link to show where, “hundreds” of museums are closing here in the US. Wait…I’ll do a search. Hmm…the only hit I got on the words “hundreds of museums closing in US” was an “image” page that had nothing to do with the search, an irrelevant hit. You lose.
      It’s easy to focus on the negative, the stories that support your myopic, negative view of my America. And don’t tell me about State Parks or the places like ANWR here in Alaska where our resources are being locked up by short sighted eco-Commies… Watermelons as they called themselves until the term became known. Green on the outside and Red on the inside. They now claim that this name was created by Conservatives to insult them… Federal ownership of wilderness is on the rise and the States aren’t selling their parks. you lose again…
      I digress… You see no damage? Really? You can’t see that the Golden oarsman is missing off the little boat in the one pic? Other things are missing as well. A child could see. Your blindness is willful.
      You remind me of the self hating Jews that support islam. I pity you. Your life must suck with the view you have of your fellow American.
      If you don’t like how things are change them. That’s what being an American is about…not just bitchibn’ and blaming.

      1. you must be kidding… here let me help you learn how to google.
        that was posted one hour ago… but wait lets be broader…
        Anytime baby…

        as a matter of fact last month a State park about 1 mile from my house was closed due to lack of funding.

        in the last 10 years NATIONAL parks have had cutting … oh yes and lets talk about ANWAR

        Right now there are oil rigs perched off shore cheering the melting of the polar caps for more drilling….
        you think ANWAR is safe?? hah.

        in 2007-8 Bush was trying to close the saftey nets on Coal mining in and around the parks…

        ANWAR was right up on the number one Drill baby drill Palin campaign until she was caught in a rut with the idea about it by environmentalists. AS an Alaskan myself I realize its just a matter of time up there kinda like how the companies got around that silly off shore drilling ban by creating their own man made island.

        or did ya miss that one too?

        as far as mansions on burial lands… really? seriously? okay.. once again let me help ya with a google.. and a wiki response..
        The Griffith Residence
        In 1886, Abram Griffith built a fine victorian residence of Italianate architecture upon 20 acres (81,000 m2) of land in Cacheville, CA (now Yolo). This Victorian Italianate residence exists as the grand dame of the homes in the town, sitting on the edge of the commercial district on a large spacious lot on the bank of the Cache Creek, just outside of Woodland. [2] The residence boasts prominent bay windows, keystone arched, sash windows throughout, scrolled brackets at the eaves and classical corinthian columns complete the ornamentation. What came to be known as the Griffith Mansion, the residence was built upon the ancient site of an Indian burial ground. While digging to lay the foundation for the chimneys, the bones of an Indian buried in sitting position were discovered. There was a hole in the top of the skull, the brains had been removed and hand-made Indian money put in its place when he was buried. He was probably a Digger of note among his tribe as a financier, and perhaps thought money would be of more use than brains in the hunting grounds.

        Okay Blackfoot, please go talk to your elders before trying to say no mansion has ever been built on Indian lands.. I think you made MY Haida Tlingit grandmother roll over in her grave with that one.

        Since the beginning of man the best way to insult a culture was to build something trivial or more “meaningful” over said holy place.. take Temple Mount for instance.. its a temple.. just like the one on that site was before it.. what makes it different? The god they worship. that is all.. a name.

        When the Crusades happened Catholisim adopted holidays and traditions from pagan cultures to more easily “transition” faith. And then quickly burned those at the stake who called them by their proper names.

        When America was colonized NATIVE AMERICANS were forced out of their sacred lands some of which are now thankfully national parks (Yosemite being one) and quickly pushed natives into uninhabitable swamp lands and marshes some would now call reservations. (You being Blackfoot should know all about this.) What they built on some of our sacred lands were CHRISTIAN CHURCHES because at the time natives were mislead “heathens.”

        This history lesson not enough? MANHATTAN IS BUILT ON INDIAN LAND. I thought everyone who went to social studies knew that..should I post the current yellow pages for you?

        “The area that is now Manhattan was long inhabited by the Lenape Indians. In 1524, some Lenape in canoes met the Florentine Giovanni da Verrazzano, the first European explorer to pass New York Harbor, although he may not have entered the harbor past the Narrows.[20] It was not until the voyage of Henry Hudson, an Englishman who worked for the Dutch East India Company, that the area was mapped.[21] Hudson came across Manhattan Island and the native people living there in 1609, and continued up the river that would later bear his name, the Hudson River, until he arrived at the site of present day Albany.[22]”

        I dont hate Americans… on the contrary I love the concept of my country so very much with every part of my being which is why I am SAD, ANGRY and Confused as to why my fellow citizens conduct themselves in such fashion and then decide we are best fitted to be the world police we when so freely give up our own rights, let our own people starve, be homeless, unemployed and of course SICK.
        (please dont make me have to link everything to back up that statement.)

        Now as far as the pictures above go .. which was the initial reason for this post….

        okay now… for a minute… pretend you are an outraged violence plagued rioting looter… not at all a corrupt police officer or soldier attempting to divert attention. Youre not that. Now look at the pictures again. Now do you see anything strange?

        what if I tell you to look at the pictures.. and then I’ll tell you what they took…

        the skulls of two mummies and two statues

        perhaps I am far too much of a sceptic I may not be a smart man… but …. If the glass is broken.. why not take it?

        unless of course you are infact

        “Germany’s ZDF television has reported that a high-ranking member of the ruling National Democratic Party was involved in the attack on the museum, which holds some of the country’s most important historical artifacts, including the King Tutankhamun exhibit.”

        Remember the whole reason for these protests is because these people are poor hungry and oppressed.

        small items to tourists on the black market would be instant food for your family… if of course you have no value for your heritage.

        And as far as gold idols being taken.. Ive not seen a scrap of viable news yet with a list of items taken other than 2 skulls and 2 statues.

        What bizarre looting eh? I’m just sayin if I was going to go loot crazy I surely at least would have taken the necklace……

        1. And honestly if I was just bitching and blaming I wouldnt be trying to educate… which I am pretty sure in some way I just did.

      2. oh I almost forgot.. museums…

        “Children’s Museum closes”

        “Jersey City Art Museum Closes Amid Steep Cuts in the Garden State”

        “Liberace Museum closes as cash flow played out”

        “Chelsea Art Museum Closes While Restructuring”

        “Patriotism museum closes doors, goes virtual”

        And of course here in my own neighborhood

        The pages and lists go on and on and on ….. but if you want to broad Google yourself (Please do)

        Key word tip… instead of using sentences use key words…. Museum Closes.

  10. P.S

    bencnn benwedeman
    Neighborhood protection groups wearing white arm bands in Cairo. People getting organised to end chaos and looting. #Jan25 #Egypt
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    Good person to follow <3!/bencnn

    1. Ben Wedeman has lived in Egypt & speaks fluent Arabic. Richard Engel of MSNBC as well. Richard lived there for 10-12 years. He also speaks fluent Arabic.

  11. I can confirm: german TV ZDF reports acording to eyewitnesses that high NDP officials have been involved in looting the museum last night. Anyone in cairo to confirm this?

  12. *Follow*!/bencnn

    “Neighborhood protection groups wearing white arm bands in Cairo. People getting organised to end chaos and looting.”
    3 hours ago via web

    Crowd drags two looters to Army soldiers at State TV, after beating the s**t out of them, looters I mean. #Egypt #Jan25
    59 minutes ago via web

    “It’s blessedly quiet in central Cairo at 1245 AM.” #Jan25 #Egypt
    59 minutes ago via web

    Sultan Al Qassemi
    “Citizen arrests! Al Jazeera: Protesters in Alexandria arrest police officers caught looting & hand them over to army officials”
    13 hours ago

  13. Tom, from the images above I wouldn’t say they were looting … just very organized and calculated vandalization… if I had to hazard a guess. I know my (first) post above was sarcastically vague.

  14. Got a phone call from friends in Cairo this morning he said the phone line’s were back working, but being trying his phone all day and it’s not working, dose any one know are the phone lines gone again? really worried now….

    1. Phone lines are shoddy at best no matter what in Egypt. Dialing in is next to impossible but dialing out isn’t typically an issue.

  15. I sorry to ask a dumb question. I am not being smart but just wondering this. Lotting? Ok all the pictures I see show worthless glass cases that have been broke? Some dmagae to some artifacts but youl notice nothing that cant be fixed because nothing seems to have been taken? What looter in there right mind breaks glass surrounding Priceless treasure and then does not take any. I smell a rat guys.

    1. Again…you can’t see that the Golden oarsman on the little boat in one pic is missing? All that’s left is the boat he was standing on. They have before and after pictures. Same thing for other items. Look a little closer. And though there are not always before and after pics, it’s easy to see that some central item is missing in one picture where the glass was broken. Other items are arranged around the empty space…

        1. *raises eyebrow*

          ar·range (-rnj)
          v. ar·ranged, ar·rang·ing, ar·rang·es

          1. To put into a specific order or relation; dispose: arrange shoes in a neat row.
          2. To plan or prepare for: arrange a picnic.
          3. To bring about an agreement concerning; settle: “It has been arranged for him by his family to marry a girl of his own class” (Edmund Wilson).
          4. Music To reset (a composition) for other instruments or voices or as another style of performance.
          1. To come to an agreement.
          2. To make preparations; plan: arrange for a big wedding.
          [Middle English arengen, from Old French arengier : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + rengier, to put in a line (from reng, line; see sker-2 in Indo-European roots).]
          ar·ranger n.
          Synonyms: arrange, marshal, order, organize, sort, systematize
          These verbs mean to distribute or dispose persons or things properly or methodically: arranging figures numerically; to marshal all relevant facts for presentation; ordered my chaotic life; organized the fundraiser; sorted the sweaters by color; systematized the assorted files.
          The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
          ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
          Adj. 1. arranged – disposed or placed in a particular kind of order; “the carefully arranged chessmen”; “haphazardly arranged interlobular septa”; “comfortable chairs arranged around the fireplace”
          disarranged – having the arrangement disturbed; not in order; “her disarranged hair”
          2. arranged – planned in advance; “an arranged marriage”
          organized – formed into a structured or coherent whole
          3. arranged – deliberately arranged for effect; “one of those artfully staged photographs”
          artificial, unreal – contrived by art rather than nature; “artificial flowers”; “artificial flavoring”; “an artificial diamond”; “artificial fibers”; “artificial sweeteners”
          Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

          1. @Pixi Thank you, captain obvious. The sixth picture down is from the Late Period gallery on the first floor of the museum. Dr. Hawass has stated implicitly that the would-be looters were obviously dismayed by the lack of expensive finds (and obviously unfamiliar with the museum itself, given most of the valuables are spread over a few rooms at the back of the second floor) and DID throw what they displaced on the ground. The looters obviously did ascend to the second floor as both statues of Tutankhamun are located in the gallery closest to the eastern main staircase, but also quite far away from some of the most valuable items in the collection.

      1. is it possible the one central missing item is one of the ones pictured laying on the floor? just sayin….

        No I’ve never been to Egypt and frankly my dear I dont think I need to have gone to detective school to be sceptical of a corrupt government either.

  16. The last photo shows gold objects taken. So sad…..The authorities are letting this happen to cast a disparaging light on the protests. In the end it won’t matter, plutocracies are short lived constructsm witness the the financial meltdown…..

  17. I’m glad some of the looters are getting caught. Its such a shame that some artifacts were broken. I’m glad that national museum wasn’t damaged too bad and that they can try and restore the broken artifacts too.

  18. Dear All, i am Egyptian citizen and i thank you for all your care
    for who asks what does national musems had to do with any thing, i tell them the protesters were and are walking in peaceful march.but there are some criminals that policemen made them to leave when the police stations had been fired up..these criminals who made such stealing from every place they can get..but the egyptian people are in the street with knifes and guns and heavy sticks to defend their own properties and streets..i do not know how this will long..i was part of the protesters last night and all we want is Mubarak leaves Egypt ASAP…pray for us and thanks again for you care and hope to see you soon in Egypt

  19. @Ali Ahmad:
    We can all see what a clumsy attempt to miscredit demonstrating people this is.

    The market for stolen artefacts are far away;Damascus,where you sadly can sell/shop for almost anything.
    Any person who wants to steal for their own profit would loot a bag of iPhones-vandalising the artefacts of the National Museum is as cunning as one of Baldrick´s plans(sorry for that mr. Baldrick!)

  20. A shame! People who do it is not Egyptian. They’re strangers in the land of Egypt doesn’t matter if they has been born as Egyptian citiezens.

  21. AS a christian I wish the best to egyptian people, of course.
    As a friend of egyptology I have a this serious Question:
    Does anybody from you know already whom belong those 2 damagged mumies ???
    Thanks for kind reply if you know it.

  22. Hello!
    I write about Hungary,and I like Egypt, the lover of the Egyptology very very much I am.I had been many times already on the different parts of Egypt.
    Catastrophe, I hope what happens there soon for your solver the problems.And trust the art treasures do everything in the interest of his protection in him.for the Egyptian folk i wish you all the best.

    1. Question: Why commit their own security guards such barbarism?

      El-Saddik: They are extremely poorly paid. I’ve written the crooked finger and money for these people demanded more. All for free. A security guard earns about 250 Egyptian pounds, or 35 € a month. We have about 160 security guards plus several dozen police officers who basically conscripts in police uniforms are. These policemen earn even less. Again and again, these young fathers to me. You have nothing. One has everything he had at home, sold, medicine for his sick child to be able to get. Other hungry even at home. But the Egyptian ministry of culture – that celebrates itself with expensive projects and receptions.


      1. (oops it cut off )

        “Those were our own people”
        The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has been looted – by his own guards. This is partly because of low wages, says the former museum director Wafaa el-Saddik.

        © Khaled Desouki / AFP / Getty Images

        Tank outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo on 29 January. In addition, burning the main building of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of President Mubarak.
        Question: looter on Friday evening the Egyptian Museum in Cairo attack. What exactly happened?


        Wafaa el-Saddik: The situation is still very unclear. There are many pieces on the floor was thrown and destroyed, including statues of gods from the treasure of Tutankhamun. A total of 13 cases were smashed. We now know that the looters have stolen pharaonic trinkets no. The new extension but with the big souvenir shop, which opened in November in the first was is was totally robbed.

        Question: Who were the perpetrators?


        © Eglau
        Wafaa el-Saddik (60) was from 2004 to the end of 2010 Director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. There, one of the most famous collections of antiquities stored in the world. Her doctorate in archeology, it has made in Vienna. Before she accepted the top job in Cairo, she lived 15 years in Cologne.
        El-Saddik: These were the guardians of the museum. Some police officers have appeared on the previously pulled their jackets, as police officers not to be identified. A second group of offenders is then back on a fire escape through the roof window is increased from. The demolitions are all on the first floor, where the treasure of Tutankhamun is located.

        Question: Are there other museums in Egypt affected?

        El-Saddik: The Museum in Memphis, and his magazines have been completely robbed on Saturday morning. The leaders there have called me in desperation and prayed: “Save us, do something.” I first phoned the police, but did not respond. I’ve alerted an Army General, I know. But it was too late. With the museums in Luxor and Aswan I was on the phone, there is nothing happening. The biggest problem is the lack of protection of our museums at all. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo and all museums in Egypt are not insured. I have asked many years that this happens – without any success.

        Question: In Cairo, Egyptian Museum, the protesters then immediately with a human chain to protect?

        El-Saddik: people on the Tahrir Square have noticed that as what is going on, they immediately converted the entire site. The perpetrators, however, were inside the building. The protesters were able to arrest some, others have escaped. Fortunately, the military was then quickly on the spot, which is already deployed in the Tahrir Square was Friday evening on. Since then the museum is well protected.

        Question: Is the risk of fire in the building adjacent to the headquarters of Mubarak’s ruling party, the banned?

        El-Saddik: Yes, the danger is averted for happiness. The skyscraper has been burning for nearly two days, with wind gusts would fire on Egyptian museum can take it easy.

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        REBELLION The violence is increasing in Egypt
        ARCHAEOLOGY Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s ruler of past
        EGYPT A country in chaos and self destruction
        Egypt | Science | Culture | Museum | Hosni Mubarak | riots
        Question: Why commit their own security guards such barbarism?

        El-Saddik: They are extremely poorly paid. I’ve written the crooked finger and money for these people demanded more. All for free. A security guard earns about 250 Egyptian pounds, or 35 € a month. We have about 160 security guards plus several dozen police officers who basically conscripts in police uniforms are. These policemen earn even less. Again and again, these young fathers to me. You have nothing. One has everything he had at home, sold, medicine for his sick child to be able to get. Other hungry even at home. But the Egyptian ministry of culture – that celebrates itself with expensive projects and receptions.

        Read more here from the art department .

  23. Its a sin to hear about national treasures such as these being damaged or destroyed, I had the honor of seeing the king tut display in Seattle back in the 70’s. As to politicians, no one should be in office as long as that one was.

  24. Prezados,

    Vejam no link ao lado o que esta acontecendo no Egito!

    Tao como aconteceu em Bagdad e em Kabul, os museus e os sitios arqueologicos estao sendo destruidos e roubados.

    Séculos de zelo e restauraçao estao sendo perdidos nas horas da madrugada, quando hordas de saqueadores entram nos depositos do Consaelho de Antiguidades espalhados pelo pais e arrombam as portas de ferro e saqueiam TUDO.

    Até peças do Tesouro de Tutankhamon foram roubadas !!!!!

    Algumas mumias foram sumariamente destruídas , dentro do Museu do Cairo !

    Ao longo do Nilo, aquelas cidades mais fastadas que tinham um ou dois gafires que faziam a vigilancia, tambem estao sendo saqueadas.

    Tenho tido contato com amigos de lá e as noticias sao as piores o possivel.

    Precisamos a intervençao da ONU e da UNESCO imeatamente .

    Já escrevi para a lista de pesquisadores e a noticia esta correndo!


    Claudio Prado de Mello ( Prof. Ms)
    > Archaeologist, Historian and Egyptologist

    1. Where they have absolutely no place. Leave them in Egypt, where the majority of the population are immensely passionate about their culture and will die to protect it.

  25. And such boosts the case by Egypt to return other antiquities such as the Rosetta Stone to the Egyptian National Museum…

    1. and the Cleopatra Bust that Germany refuses to return. They ALL need to go back home but not right now. I think it is important, however, to collect all of the objects and artifacts that need to be returned and put them in the same secured place….perhaps a neutral country. When the country settles and is on the mend, then the objects should be returned. Yes, it is the proud history of the cradle of civilization but it is also the history of the world as it modernized. I am a curator at a US museum and know what this means on a world scale. I work very hard in keeping our history safe for the next generation. So do the heartbroken curators at the Egyptian National Museum….it is utterly sickening and heartbreaking.

  26. mam nadzieje że się to więcej nie powtórzy a to co zostało zniszczone uda się jakoś naprawić

    TRANSLATION: I hope that this not happen again and what has been destroyed somehow manage to fix it

  27. Such an amazing historical culture… I would hope Egyptians would unanimously speak out against this and ensure it never happens again. Additionally, Hawass should hire private 24/7 security for these antiquities.

  28. I would like to wish all the Egyptian people the best with their complain for a better quality of their lives, but please also fight to protect your treasure heritage. I visited the country a few times. Love it there, has such amazing historical culture. It’s so sad to see some of these antiquities have been attacked already.

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