Should we have all expected that LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art would get tagged by graffiti writers before the upcoming Art in the Streets show? Yah, probably, so Katsu’s hijinx shouldn’t be a surprise after he pulled off an attention-grabbing faux MoMA/Nike ad series in New York a few weeks ago.

According to 12ozProphet, the Katsu fire extinguisher tag has some supporters in the upcoming museum show:

Rumor has it that as the MoCA authorities are trying to get the tag buffed before the exhibition this week, efforts are being made by Neckface, Barry McGee and Shepard Fairey to leave it be for the duration of the event.

This isn’t the first tag on the MOCA building in an effort to welcome the Art in the Streets show with some street cred. A much smaller tag appeared on the back of the building a few weeks ago with the  following Apocalypse Now-inspired words, “Charlie Don’t Surf.” I’m assuming the tags are not by Charlie Sheen, but you never know.</sarcasm>

Let’s just hope Katsu doesn’t ever try this.

Hat tip Animal NY. Bottom image source: LA Raw

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

6 replies on “Graffiti Writers Start a Game of Tag with LA’s MOCA”

  1. Katsu has done a great service to the patrons of this museum. He has succesfully made the museum show their true nature as tyrannical, redlining, elitist wannabes so now people dont have to feel bad for not supporting them That this was buffed and then gone over with a BLADE memorial is a tragedy for it is sacreligious to go over illegals with legals. The musuem is obviously unaware of the unwritten but well known laws of graffiit. In their willfull ignorance they are pitting writer against writer. This is the age old war strategy of divide and conquer.

    This social engineers, ELI BROAD FOUNDATION, have decided that Graffiti/street art can no longer be a credible way for people, especially the youth, can express themselves with out censorship. Of course things get buffed but until then the message is PURE. They love the fact that KATSU did this tag. Now the other artists in the show, who the curators have deemed to be the leaders of this movement, have to break their solidarity with their fellow artists and swallow their pride. The kids who are looking up to them will see this and think that this is what you do to MAKE IT! Without integrity the passion and life will be sucked from the art form thus causing the future generation to, instead of writing their names, hitting up their favorite brand of shoes, or soda, or tv show. Kind of like in The Demolition Man when the radio plays nothing but jingles/advertisments and the people love it, for they know nothing different. These kids will risk their freedom to see who can put up the most PEPSI TAGS. Welcome to the future.

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