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Crazed Hotelier Sets Art Dealer’s Dogs on Fire [UPDATED]

Sean Kelly's dogs after the attack (screenshot by the author via
Sean Kelly’s dogs after the attack (screenshot by the author via

“They must die!” boutique hotel mogul Vikram Chatwal allegedly screamed at Molly and Finn, the Jack Russell terriers of gallerist Sean Kelly, before pulling out an aerosol can and lighter and attempting to torch the poor pups. The incident, which took place on the afternoon of October 7 in Soho, resulted in some singed fur and minor burns for the dogs, trauma for Kelly’s dog walker, Isabell Suquilanda, and a police investigation for Chatwal.

“This guy is dangerous and shouldn’t be on the streets,” Kelly, who is seeking a restraining order against Chatwal, told Page Six. “Anybody who attacks a defenseless animal in my opinion is the lowest of the low.”

Update, 10/18: Chatwal has been arrested after turning himself in to police, Gothamist reported. He faces charges of animal cruelty, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and arson.

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