This Addictive M.C. Escher Video Game Might Make You Puke

Antoine Zanuttini’s Fragments of Euclid is a downright mind-bending game inspired by M.C. Escher’s labyrinthine interiors.

From “Fragments of Euclid” (GIF of the game by the author)

Dive into the impossible worlds envisioned by M.C. Escher in a new video game by programmer Antoine Zanuttini that’s inspired by the Dutch artist’s labyrinthine interiors. Fragments of Euclid is downright mind-bending, dropping you into a building filled with staircases and portals covered with black-and-white, dizzying patterns. It’s available to download online at whatever price you choose.

This is a game that really messes with both your mind and your visual perception. As you wander through this world, you have to figure out how to solve puzzles to advance, guided by hints and a creepy-sounding narrator. These include tasks like moving boxes or opening gates, but navigating the space alone is challenging: gravity doesn’t play its regular role here, allowing you to walk and jump across different planes of a room so that what was once a wall can become floor, or ceiling, or wall again. You’re in a maze that seems to have infinite twists and turns, with doorways that connect to landings in ways you’re unlikely to anticipate.

I’ve never played anything that made me nauseous until this, and I wish my stomach was stronger, as Fragments of Euclid is addictive on top of being smartly designed. Zanuttini, thoughtfully, did include a feature to save and pause sessions, so for those who do get dizzy but want to forge on, you always have the option to take a break and return to straightforward reality.

Screengrab of “Fragments of Euclid”
Screengrab of “Fragments of Euclid”
Screengrab of “Fragments of Euclid”
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