What happens when the suave gentlemen of the New York-based womenswear and accessories brand Proenza Schouler cross paths with the provocative trash-humping auteur Harmony Korine? This shit, apparently.

Is it an ad? A short film? Fodder for our nightmares? Who knows. Certainly it’s an inventive approach to showcase the label’s Fall 2011 collection. But with two horrifying, milk-swigging Amerindian-like figures and a predatory curmudgeon who reminds us all (I’m sure) of our creepy alcoholic uncle, I’m just not sure how to process it appropriately.

Nothing against the work of this inventive troika, but the crystallization of three brilliant minds in this four minute video ends up being disturbing and maybe a little useless for what should be incredible.

Take a look for yourselves and share your reactions to the film.

YouTube video

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