Anselm Reyle for Christian Dior (photo via

Designer/artist crossbreeding is nothing new. MAC had Cindy Sherman, Louis Vuitton had Takashi Murakami, and Stella McCartney had Barry Reigate. But for the 65 year-old house of Dior, a new accessories and cosmetics collection made in collaboration with German contemporary artist Anselm Reyle may be a bold new step that will help invigorate the French label.

Though the partnership was in the works since early 2010, the initiative may help a house that’s been the subject of controversy in the past year, from its anti-Semitic head designer to a collection of clowny couture raked over the coals by critics. Having a line of shiny, shiny bags, bracelets, nail polish and eye shadow designed by the Gagosian-represented Reyle should help to erase any bad memories.

Anselm Reyle Untitled (2010) (photo via

The bags marry Reyle’s aesthetic spectacularly to the expected decadent Dior feel: metallic fabric bound in a not-at-all-ripped-off-from-Chanel Cannage quilted pattern, Perspex shards hanging off the sides, and Sprouse-inspired colorful camouflage patterns. The vaguely 1980s design elements, as well as the art-cred from Reyle’s name, mark a departure from the more traditional outputs from Dior, hopefully aiding in bringing a new perspective to the brand.

The collection will debut, appropriately enough, at a pop-up shop at Miami Art Basel in early December before being available at select Dior boutiques in January.

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