Anya Liftig performing an homage to Ana Mendieta in 2012 at Glasshouse (all photos courtesy Glasshouse)

Right now, as I write this, three performances are happening at Glasshouse: Marie Christine Katz has embarked upon her 12-hour-long “Hangers 101,” responding to the first 100 days of the Trump administration; Rae Goodwin, who’s interested in maternal ancestry, is performing “At Her Feet,” which began at noon today and will run until 6pm; and dance-theater artist Mira Treatman is wrapping up “Dr. Mira,” which also started at noon, around 3. After them, more artists will arrive to launch 3-, 6-, and 12-hour-long performances, as the Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival presses on for 100 continuous hours.

The festival is the brainchild of artist Lital Dotan and photographer Eyal Perry, who live, work in, and run Glasshouse, which they call their “art-life-lab.” Back in 2013, Dotan issued a manifesto for “neo-domesticities,” writing:

Cleaning the house is an artistic practice.
art and life sustainability = durationability.
Sustaining our life = sustaining our art.
Art should be experienced at place that allows staying.

Featuring 35 performances — from an homage to Carolee Schneemann to a group video show “as performance event” to a silent dance party —  the current festival is an outgrowth of their vision. True to their idea of “performance that is rooted in the daily life of the artist and becomes a hub for the performance community,” it runs nonstop for more than four days; visitors may come and go as they please, although anyone planning to attend a show between midnight and 9am is asked to RSVP. And it all ends, fittingly, with a closing act that’s about as domestic as you can get: cleaning the house when the main attractions have gone.

Hector Canonge, “OLVIDO” (2017),
part of the Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival

When: Ongoing through June 25, 10pm ($10 suggested donation; RSVP to for performances between 12–9am)
Where: Glasshouse (246 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

More info here.

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