#OWS Still Debating Mark di Suvero

A back and forth on Mark di Suvero's "Joie de Vivre" sculpture in Zuccotti Park (Use with permission of Caroline Busta)

Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” has inadvertently found itself in the middle of the biggest protest movement in America today and not everyone likes it.

We’ve already mentioned that the Occupy Wall Street Journal labeled Mark di Suvero’s massive public sculpture as a “weird red thing,” which we read as “ugly” — and most of you (65%) disagreed with that assessment. But now a small spat on on the sculpture itself raises some some big questions we regularly address on Hyperallergic.

I think it’s interesting when people label something as “not art” since I often think they mean “good art” rather than “art” at all.

Thanks to Caroline Busta for allowing us to reproduce her photo.

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