On Veterans Day, LA Artists Reflect on War in Unused Public Space

The Los Angeles Road Concerts invited 30-plus artists and collectives to make art reflecting on war, from ephemeral roadside gestures to an anti-war protest.

Corrie Siegel, “Star Maps” part of the Mulholland Dérive (2012) (photo courtesy Corrie Siegel)

What some might consider sprawl, others view as open space. Either way you look at it, Los Angeles has it in abundance. With the Los Angeles Road Concerts, organizer Stephen van Dyck has taken advantage of this condition to program performances, happenings, readings, and installations in unused public space. Previous iterations have taken place along Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, and in Downtown LA.

Installation by the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists as part of the Mulholland Dérive (2012) (photo courtesy the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists)

This year’s version will take place on Veterans Day, with events based around the intersection of Washington and National in Culver City, and both date and place chosen for their relevance to nationalism and militarism. Artists were asked to consider these issues, and the role of art during war time, in their proposals. A wide range of projects will be on view from the 30-plus participating artists and collectives, including ephemeral gestures like roadside one-liners and human interactions sold for five cents, to an anti-war protest and a durational water-spitting performance based on female fountain figures. At 4pm on Saturday, guests are invited to Klowden Mann, where a light reception will be held in conjunction with Mariángeles Soto-Díaz’s Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum, a flexible project space and event series.

When: Saturday, November 11, 1–4pm
Where: within walking distance of the intersection of Washington & National (Culver City, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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