Philip Taaffe, “Sanctum” (2015), mixed media on canvas, 77 × 132 in (image courtesy Luhring Augustine, New York)

While some people are quick to say that painting is dead, it’s just not true. Artists continue to paint, even in this digital age. Of course, not everyone is painting traditional oils on canvas, and some are even evoking the digital screen with paint. In any case, artists seem to be having no trouble adapting the medium to a more contemporary sensibility.

This Thursday, three painters and three critics will “discuss the state and shape of contemporary painting” at Cooper Union. All of the artists graduated from the revered art school: Lois Dodd (’48), Thomas Nozkowski (’67), and Philip Taaffe (’77). The critics are Hyperallergic Weekend Editor John Yau, Faye Hirsch, and Barry Schwabsky — all lovers of paint. The conversation, titled “Rewriting Painting,” will attempt to answer lofty questions like: “To what extent do the ways in which we write about painting influence both the public’s reception of the work and contemporary practice itself?”

The event will also commemorate a new series of monographs, the Lund Humphries Contemporary Painters, edited by Schwabsky. Each monograph will be dedicated to a different contemporary painter, as if to remind us that their kind is alive and well. The first three books are devoted to Dodd, Nozkowski, and Taaffe, who will be signing their copies after the panel discussion.

When: Thursday, April 19, 6:30–8pm
Where: Cooper Union’s The Great Hall, in the Foundation Building (7 East 7th Street, East Village, Manhattan)

More info at Cooper Union

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