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Flying before he could even crawl, Trump Baby has sent London spinning. Observers are reporting that today’s march against President Donald Trump are one of the largest London has seen since the 2003 protest against the invasion of Iraq. About 200,000 protesters are expected at today’s rallies. Trump has publicly stated that this has made him feel “unwelcome” in the city.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London,” he told The Sun. Trump should be proud of his gassy double: that baby has a face that launched a thousand memes, which are currently overtaking the Twitterverse.

Not everybody is playing nice, though. Conservative Tory and British MP Michael Fabricant faces calls for suspension after posting his own retort to Trump Baby on Twitter — a mock-up of two pigs having sex where one pig has the face of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The image also includes a cut-out of Trump laughing with the headline, “Breaking News: Trump Defeats Sadiq Khan in Balloon Wars … ”

Source: Michael Fabricant/Twitter

The Trump-backing MP released an apology soon thereafter: ‘”I am genuinely sorry if it caused anyone offence and I am disappointed in the person who sent it to me in the first place.”

Khan is London’s first mayor who identifies as Muslim. Fabricant’s post intentionally uses pigs as a jab against the mayor’s faith, which bans the eating of pork. Consequently, a number of politicians from across the political spectrum are calling for Fabricant’s immediate suspension or an inquiry into the matter.

Fabricant immediately tried to distance himself from the Twitter controversy, declaring, “The picture is vile. As soon as I saw what it was, I deleted it. I’m liberal and not anybody-phobic. I had been on TV saying that I thought the blimp was hypocritical and when someone sent me the pic on my iPhone I thought it was a flying pig humping the Trump blimp.”

Trump’s presence in the British capital has caused quite an uproar, even from London’s often mum culturati. Speaking to The Art Newspaper, Sir Norman Rosenthal skewered the Blenheim Palace for hosting last night’s banquet in honor of Donald Trump. The palace recently had exhibitions organized by the Blenheim Art Foundation for Jenny Holzer and Ai Weiwei. Rosenthal believes that the Trump dinner has “severely compromised” the integrity of the artists’ work.

“If you want to show artists such as these, you have to accept the moral consequences,” said Rosenthal. After all, Weiwei’s latest sculptures and documentaries have focused on the plight of refugees and migrants. Just last autumn, he installed “Good Friends Make Good Neighbors” under New York’s Washington Square Arch.

Hyperallergic reached out to Jenny Holzer’s studio for comment and will update the post if and when she responds.

Zachary Small was a writer at Hyperallergic.

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    1. Who cares what you limey serfs think as your country gets ripped apart by
      sharia loving douchebuckets.. Go on, keep worshiping the queen while
      criticizing America. We cant help it if you are still pissed about
      getting your azzes whipped back in 1776 Stick something in your crumpet
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  1. Im am American and I think this accurately reflects the level of respect Baby Drumpf deserves. Keep them flying.

    1. Stop crying, you ought to be used to losing by now, and if not don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

  2. You would think after living in New York most all of his life, and after everything he has done for New York and New Yorker’s, jerkoffs there would be a little more loyal. I guess since Trump doesnt cowtow to the globalist scuzbuckets, he is the new bad guy. so be it. Still winning in-spite of the army of mediocrity against him. Trump 2020! SOUTH BRONX PUERTO RICANS FOR TRUMP!!!

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