Joann Kim Núñez of art blog Updownacross is partnering with Skillshare, the online marketplace for offline classes, to build a Creative Arts program that will offer classes for the city’s aspiring and emerging creatives. Currently know for their tech and business classes, the educational startup has asked Joann to help them growing their presence in the city’s thriving creative community.

She reached out to me and others to teach classes as part of her inaugural series, which kicks off this Friday January 19 with a screening and panel with the husband and wife team behind the feature length music video “Girl Walk/All Day.”

Here are some of the classes that are part of the Creative Arts program (all the descriptions are written by Joann, and the one about me made me blush):

Writing and Communicating About Art Online ($25)

  • Hrag is one of the most approachable folks you’ll find in the art world, a true supporter and lover of the arts, and here he shares his experience as an art critic and co-founder of the online art blogazine Hyperallergic. Learn about the wonderful world of the web and how to take advantage of it.

Selling Out: Marketing for the Creative Industries ($25)

  • In this class you’ll learn what you’ve been avoiding your whole non-career: self-promotion. Debra is the founder of Culture Shock and provides consulting specifically for artists and galleries. Sell out, or sellout.

Art Collecting 101 ($10)

  • Learn all about navigating the art world, discovering your “taste” and finding tools to safely collect art. Alexis is the founder of Artsicle and knows a thing about collecting and borrowing original artwork.

Spot Painting Workshop ($50)

  • Make your own billion dollar painting at Gagosian! Painter & blogger Sharon teaches you how to make your own Damien Hirst spot painting. Make it, love it, then hate it!

Let’s Make Sh*t Happen: Achieving Wild Dreams ($50)

  • I’ve always admired Chloe, artist and creator of Arts in Bushwick (Bushwick Open Studios, SiteFest, etc), and I love her even more now for creating this 5 session workshop on making your ideas come ALIVE.

Practical Photoshop for Artists ($25)

  • Micah is a very tall and very funny guy from Hawaii, an amazing artist who showed with Deitch before it closed. Here he shares fundamental skills for artists looking to toy around with digital media and beyond.

Networking in the Art World: Making Effective Connections ($25)

  • Colette is a beautiful and lovely lady, an artist who has mastered the skills of hospitality while creating paintings and drawings that are intricate and mystical. She will teach you to do what you hate: approach people. Doing this in the art world is especially heinous but she’ll teach you how to cope with snots and maintain healthy and fruitful relationships.

Back to School! Getting Your MA/S While Working Full Time ($25)

  • I’ve always wondered how Margaret, former director of MoMa’s Pop Rally, managed to work her ass off full time AND getting her masters in art history. Here she’ll teach you how you can do it too.

How to Write About Art, Your Own or Someone Else’s ($20)

  • A class demystifying the world of art writing as taught by Kyle, editor at Artinfo. I’ve always felt my writing failed compared to his so if you’re an insecure art blogger like I am or you’re an artist who hates creating artist statements, this is for you.

More classes will be added to the series in the coming weeks. I will also say that myself and Hyperallergic publisher, Veken Gueyikian, have take Skillshare classes in the past and are fans of the startup.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.