A female Egyptian head with an elongated skull is likely a depiction of the child of Amenophis IV/Akhenaten, 1351-1334 BCE, limestone and red paint, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD (image via the Walters Art Museum creative commons)

At the ancient site of Hatnub, a quarry in the eastern Egyptian desert not far from Faiyum, archaeologists have recently discovered a sled ramp system used to transport alabaster blocks. Post holes and a ramp with stairs on either side indicate that the contraption allowed Egyptian builders to move heavy blocks up and down steep slopes. Inscriptions have now helped archaeologists from the Institut français d’archéologie orientale and the University of Liverpool to date this groundbreaking technology to at least the reign of Khufu, who ruled from 2589–2566 BCE. Khufu is known as the pharaoh who likely commissioned the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Discovery and reconstruction of the ramp allows us to better understand ancient construction techniques. It also chips away at the long-held but fringe theory that the blocks were so heavy and the distances they would have to travel so lengthy that aliens must have built the pyramids.

Where did the theory of aliens building the pyramids actually come from? Since the late 19th century, science fiction writers have imagined Martians and other alien lifeforms engaged in great feats of terrestrial engineering. Earlier alien theories surrounding Atlantis may have spawned fantasies about alien building. The most substantial evidence for non-earthly creatures arrived in the wake of H.G. Wells’s success.

The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt) are often the focus of extraterrestrial theories (image via Wikimedia by Ricardo Liberato).

Capitalizing on the fervor surrounding Wells’s The War of the Worlds, astronomer and science fiction writer Garrett P. Serviss penned a quasi-sequel titled Edison’s Conquest of Mars in 1898. Serviss posited that “giants of Mars” had moved large blocks and built the Great Pyramid. He even noted that the Sphinx had Martian features. Edison’s Conquest was part of a number of science fiction works published as books or serialized in newspapers in the late 19th century which imagined alien invasions fought off by great inventors of the time. Thomas Edison was a favored hero in these science fiction fantasies much later collectively called Edisonades.

Cover of Serviss’ Edison’s Conquest of Mars (1898) Illustration by G. Y. Kauffman (image via Wikimedia)

The popularization of the theory of alien architects as having a basis in science rather than consisting of only fictional musing can be attributed to Swiss author Erich von Däniken’s 1968 publication of the book Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Originally published in German and subsequently translated into English, it was one of the first popularly sold books to suggest that extraterrestrial life forms, not humans, built structures associated with our ancient civilizations. In 1966, Carl Sagan and Iosif S. Shklovskii had already speculated that contact with extraterrestrials might have occurred in their book Intelligent Life in the Universe, but von Däniken took this theory to new levels.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of that book’s publication with over 65 million books sold to date. While its ideas might be laughable to most, the creation of doubt is a pernicious and rhetorical agent. The questioning of human building projects in Chariots of the Gods? remains a bedrock for many within the field of pseudo-archaeology. Far from innocuous, these alien theories undermine the agency, archaeology, and intellect of non-European cultures in Africa and South America, as well as the Native peoples in North America by erasing their achievements.

Cover of the translated edition of Chariots of the Gods (image by Christo Drummkopf via Flickr), first released in the United States in 1970

A potent combination of tabloids and television helped to make von Däniken’s book a bestseller in the United States. Historian of pseudoscience John Colavito has remarked that while the book became a bestseller in Europe, it was the National Enquirer’s underscoring of von Däniken’s work through a serial series published in the tabloid that introduced it to readers in the US in 1970. Three years later, NBC aired an adaption of the book retitled In Search of Ancient Astronauts (featuring a cast of all white men) which translated and visualized pseudo-theories of archaeology and science for broad popular consumption.

It is notable that many (though not all) extraterrestrial theories focus on archaeological structures at sites within Egypt, Africa, South America, and North America — a fact that has led some academics to see beliefs in ancient alien engineers as a stalking horse for racism. In a piece for the online journal The Conversation rather frankly titled “Racism is Behind Outlandish Theories about Africa’s Ancient Architecture,” Julien Benoit, a postdoctoral researcher in vertebrate paleontology at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), addressed the continued harm of these theories:

Firstly, these people try to prove their theories by travelling the world and desecrating ancient artefacts. Secondly, they perpetuate and give air to the racist notion that only Europeans – white people – ever were and ever will be capable of such architectural feats.

Belief can indeed lead to action. In 2014, German pseudoscientists and “hobbyists” defaced a cartouche of Khufu inside the Great Pyramid in their misguided search to prove their alien theories. The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Zimbabwe site are commonly cited by pseudo-archaeologists as structures built by extraterrestrial beings, along with the Moai heads on the tiny Easter Island off the coast of Chile.

Martians build the Sphinx as a portrait of their own leader in an illustration from Serviss’ Edison’s Conquest of Mars (Image via Hathitrust)

Stonehenge, in the English countryside of Wiltshire, is one of the few structures built by European ancestors placed in this category structures allegedly built by aliens, though in the original printing of Chariots of the Gods? von Däniken does not discuss the site any more than to say its massive stone blocks were from Wales and Marlborough. The disproportion of speculation surrounding non-European versus European structures is noticeable. As medieval historian Chris Reidel noted,

That’s what the ancient aliens theory does: it discredits the origins of civilizations, and almost entirely of non-white civilizations. People may suggest Stonehenge was built by aliens — but do the[y] suggest the Roman Forum or Parthenon were? No.

We must question what is at stake in these cases. While the British are not in any danger of having their overall intellect or capability as a culture questioned, many non-European cultures are historically more vulnerable to such questioning.

If we look to von Däniken’s work, there can be little doubt that his racial beliefs influenced his extraterrestrial theories. After a short stint in jail for fraud and either writing or appropriating the material for a number of other books that developed his ancient astronauts theory, von Däniken published Signs of the Gods? in 1979. It is here that many of his racial views are most boldly stated. British archaeology officer Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews points out on his Bad Archaeology blog just a few of the many racist questions and statements posed by the author: “Was the black race a failure and did the extraterrestrials change the genetic code by gene surgery and then programme a white or a yellow race?” He also printed beliefs about the innate talents of certain races: “Nearly all negroes are musical; they have rhythm in their blood.” Von Däniken also consistently uses the term “negroid race” in comparison with “Caucasians.”

What does it mean to deny a non-Western civilization their accomplishments? As Everisto Benyera, a lecturer in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of South Africa, has noted, these “Western denialists” prefer to revoke agency and skill from ancient Egyptians or the Shona people of the Bantu civilization, rather than recognize their intellectual ownership of these structures. In a chapter addressing “Colonialism, the Theft of History and the Quest for Justice for Africa,” Dr. Benyera remarked:

Western denialists would rather attribute the Great Zimbabwe to aliens, who do not exist, than attribute them to the Shona people and the Africans who exist and who built them. The denial of the Shona people of their intellectual ownership, among others of the Great Zimbabwe, Khami ruins, is theft of history.

And while many may consider theories of ancient aliens to be an outlandish and ultimately harmless belief or meme, Benyera points out that there is an extant spectrum of western denialism whose occupants seek to rescind and reallocate great accomplishments from African civilizations in particular.

The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates to about 1100-1450 CE. Legends say that it was the capital of the Queen of Sheba. It is a stunning testament to the Bantu civilization of the Shona (image by Simonchihanga via Wikimedia).

To Benyera, one example of western denialism lies in the writings of the historian Niall Ferguson. Benyera notes that Ferguson underscores the colonial gifts of parliamentary democracy and the English language to the countries that they colonized in his book Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World. Like von Däniken, Ferguson’s views have been disseminated by television shows. A six-part series also called Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World aired on Channel 4, ostensibly to hype the book’s release. Arguing that aliens brought magnificent structures to many African civilizations erases accomplishments, but so does arguing that colonizers brought gifts (rather than imposed obligations) upon the nations they colonized.

Colonization coded as the gift of civilization remains an entrenched defense of colonialism.

In recent years, academics have increasingly called foul on alien theories as cultural erasures outside of Africa as well. A year ago, Christopher Heaney, a professor of Latin American history at Pennsylvania State University, wrote an article addressing the racism behind notions that Pre-Columbian bodies were evidence for extraterrestrial life. Others have sought to dispel the racist theories surrounding Native mound-building cultures.

In comments to Hyperallergic, Morag Kersel, an archaeologist at DePaul University, noted the connection between ancient aliens and the idea that an ancient and superior race had originally built mounds like those at Cahokia in southern Illinois. The myth supported racist policies and has done lasting damage.

It’s an extension of the 19th-century myth of the mound builder. No way could the North American mounds and artifacts have been made by people of the First Nations, it had to be an “alien” (non-local) race. Rather than set up a white supremacy model, which may have not been as popular, von Däniken takes the “alien” further to “aliens” from outer space.

Kersel noted that the use of pseudoscience revoking the accomplishments of Native American cultures is a sad part of American history. Journalist Alexander Zaitchik pointed out in an article for the Southern Poverty Law Center that there was widespread popularity and belief in the “Lost Race of the Mound Builders” in 19th century America. It was used by Andrew Jackson and others to undermine the intellect and abilities of Native peoples as we removed them from their native lands.

The “astronaut” geoglyph in the Nazca Desert of Peru has been attributed to extraterrestrials by Erich von Däniken’s and others (image via Wikimedia).

Today, many of von Däniken’s theories can still be found in television shows like Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Since 2009, the show has featured a mix of mostly white male conspiracy theorists posing harmful questions about the legitimacy of human involvement in archaeological structures. As of recently, they have at least begun to incorporate actual Egyptians such as Ramy Romany. Despite his history of racist views, Von Däniken appears to still be a paid producer on the show Ancient Aliens.

Most Egyptologists see shows like Ancient Aliens as a program that capitalizes on the bizarre rather than endeavoring to be out-and-out racist. In comments to Hyperallergic, Salima Ikram, distinguished university professor and Egyptology unit head at the American University in Cairo, noted that even Egyptians viewing the History Channel find the program more fantastical than factual: “I think that often it is more that people want the extraordinary and the bizarre, and do not want anything too real, as they crave the fantastic — look at the types of films being made and their popularity.” For most watching these programs, they are indeed about escapism through conspiracy theories — and internet memes.

For others, the attraction to books and television touting ancient alien conspiracies may be a bit more racially motivated. In comments to Hyperallergic, Robert Cargill, an assistant professor of Religious Studies and Classics at the University of Iowa who also served as an academic counterbalance on a number of episodes of Ancient Aliens, discussed the role of the program in supporting racist ideas of ancient capability:

There is an underlying ethnic bias against people of color that many white people don’t even recognize when the magnificent achievements of the ancient world are attributed to aliens instead of to their rightful creators — the ancestors of modern Egyptians, Iraqis, Guatemalans, Peruvians, etc. This is not to say that belief in ancient alien theory makes one racist. However, attributing the achievements of the forerunners of darker-skinned peoples to aliens because you believe they couldn’t have possibly done it themselves might be perceived as racists to the people of color who descend from these ancient innovators.

As Cargill and many other right-minded academics now make clear, the necessity for scientists, archaeologists, and academics in general to talk to the public about the ethnic biases of pseudoscience is becoming ever more apparent. In 2015, bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove already discussed the need for archaeologists to dispel pseudoscientific myths through public outreach. Public-facing scholarship in the humanities and STEM fields can serve as strong rebuttals to pseudoscientific narratives broadcast on television and online.

In July, the 50th anniversary edition of Chariots of the Gods? was published along with a new foreword and afterward by the author. Yet it is notable that the punctuation that originally posed the book’s title as a question has now been removed. The title stands more as a statement than a question, but it is up to archaeologists, historians, and the public to continue to interrogate the insidious arguments that it contains.

Sarah E. Bond is associate professor of history at the University of Iowa. She blogs on antiquity and digital humanities, and is the author of Trade and Taboo: Disreputable Professions in the Roman Mediterranean.

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    1. Yes! Science and objective disciplines like Mathematics, Engineering, Astronomy and Architecture are so “racist”.

      Why don’t you simply yap about the veracity of the Old Testament instead?

      1. If you think these shows give an accurate or scientific and objective presentation of the disciplines you listed, then you have been failed, gravely, by our educational system.

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion. The United States government has a VESTED interest in keeping the public ignorant about UFOs and extraterrestrials. Ancient Aliens, with its agenda to depict malevolent extraterrestrials such as the Greys and Reptilians as friendly proves that it is just a disinformation program.

          I keep up with Alien phenomena via the internet, whether it’s from websites or YouTube.

          Your attempt to be clever, caustic and intellectually superior to ME is as wanted as breaking wind in an elevator- it is the height of HUBRIS on YOUR PART to analyze or determine my level of education when you don’t even KNOW ME.

          However, you have succeeded in proving yourself to be a mere troll- someone whom I shall subsequently ignore forthwith.

  1. Only the most absurdly sensitive, professional”victim” could possibly think any of what is in this article is at all racist. Not even the slightest hint of racism is in any of this. Articles like this make blatant racism more acceptable because people read this and just lump all articles about racism into the same ridiculous basket as this and don’t take it serious. The writer here really needs to do some soul searching and realize the harm his garbage will cause.

    1. First of all, the author is a woman. Second of all, this is based on research, not an opinion, so your critique isn’t contributing anything to the researched story since you present no research or evidence to refute it.

      1. Its not based on research. It’s 100% the opinion of the author. There’s nothing in the “research” that is critical of any one particular race. There is no racism here. None. Period. Stop being so sensitive.ps, I’m a well educated black man I know racism and this is article is a joke.

        1. Right on brother I’m a white person don’t have a racist cell in my body treat everybody the way you want to be treated and our world would be a much greater place these medias that Stirrup racism maybe some small Pockets exist we are all created equal we are all human beings being told lies being forced to learn lies look at the science not what people tell you but 99% of it is bullshit

      2. Why does the gender of the author have to do with anything? Are you sexist?!
        Oh and nice job determining what gender author identifies as, you bigot!
        Oh and until you can show provide a peer reviewed study by clinical psychologists confirming this hypothesis then it is an opinion lol.

          1. Yes and you were oh so quick to assign the correct pronoun. It’s like all you see is gender. Sad
            This is the world you create not me lol
            And again as rd has also pointed out, unless these statements have been peer reviewed by people with higher learning degrees in a related field such as psychology, it is just an opinion by definition.

        1. Most psychologists need a psychologist or psychiatrist more likely so their drugs can come up with their outlandish one-dimensional opinions

      3. What relevance does it have that she is a woman? Why would you say that? What does it mean? I’m really amazed about the athmosphere and political charge here. R d is completely correct, you are absolutely wrong. I’m baffled how would this media allowed someone with this attitude to be a moderator. Wel.. it’s not surprising when I think about it. Go on, more censorship, that’s what we need.

    2. First to show ancient Egyptian daughter of amen-hotep 4 with the elongated skull to suggest aliens is totally racist and shows a ignorance for all black African cultures and customs. A pathetic way to deny the black African origin of ancient Egypt. The same elongated heads can be found in Rwanda at the turn of this century within the royal family .The Queen of this nation had the same identical features as the royal Queen of ancient Egypt. This is called bending of the skull a ritualistic custom of placement of a metal band on the head to achieve the elongated skull only done within black African cultures. Back to my point culture doesn’t lie or have a skin color. Ancient Egypt undoubtedly black African cultural society. No matter what lies of alienation or non- African origin are being told. Culturally ancient Egyptian are black Africans inside and outside. Ta-merry land of kemet ( beautiful land of the blacks ).

      1. Did you read the article?? The image is not shown to align it with aliens, it is to show a beautiful Egyptian image which people (mis)used to create an image of “aliens” and to then then claim that aliens built the Pyramids. The whole point of the article is that it WAS Egyptians (Africans) who built them with their advanced knowledge of engineering, but that racists couldn’t give them the credit, couldn’t believe they were capable of that, so they made up a lot of nonsense about it being done by aliens.

        1. On the show on the history Channel named ancient alien s .They used this same image as a illustration with the elongated skull to suggest alien hybrid. They completely avoided the indigenous black population altogether. I am pretty sure everybody seen these racist proganda programs aired on the History Channel. This is why this image is produced in this article. I hope that answers your question.

          1. Also I do agree with the author of this article, but she vaguely explains her argument. A prefect example is using the elongated skull picture of ancient Egyptian Queen without any explanation on why is used to showcase alien proganda. Once again no explanation of this elongated skull in its African contexts. She doesn’t go far enough into details explaining Egypt relationship to the rest of indigenous black Africa and why this elongated skull myth of alien hybrids. I am happy someone has the courage to show indigenous black population build ancient Egypt and not Aliens from another world.

          2. You might want to ask the author why it was chosen, I can’t speak for her. But one can’t assume that one person’s reason for using it (The History Channel’s, as a stupid way of “proving” that aliens did the work) is the same as another person’s. In her case, I’m guessing it’s because the image is exactly what people have used to create images of aliens, to mislead people, and she’s showing that it’s an image of an actual, named Egyptian ruler. By seeing that image as she presents it (respectfully, with full attribution), she’s denying or refuting the way it’s used in the wrong way by the History Channel (and other places). The world is full of horrid, racist stuff being said all the time about African cultures, and it needs to stop, but it’s good to pause and consider that in some cases a person is actually doing something to enlighten and educate people, which I think she was doing, rather than again assuming it’s someone doing something wrong. If the History Channel is spreading lies and nonsense with this image, it in no way implicates her in doing the same thing.

          3. Quadelupe it was a real pleasure having this discussion with you related to this article. Your very intelligent and have knowledge on this subject matter. I give you much respect. Thanks

        1. This has been proven false. Almost all photos of these skulls are DELIBERATELY taken to hide the sutures. If you actually research this yourself (and not lap up what they are feeding you) you can easily find photos of skulls with the sutures. In fact, you can find 19th century photos of real PEOPLE with these deformations.

          1. I don’t “lap” up anything. Too many proofs out there about Extraterrestrials beyond the Ancient Aliens program, which mixes a lot of DIS information along with information !
            But hey don’t let ME keep you from your “Hotep” fantasies along with idol worshipping Michael Jackson and bashing sexual abuse survivors as well as howling for Oprah Winfrey’s downfall because “Leaving Neverland” and her post interview with the victims exposed your vaunted idol as a manipulative, narcissistic PEDOPHILE !

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    3. Right on the money! however we don’t know if his article was censored by the CIA all are major networks are! proven fact!

        1. If you have a weekend I can show you the documents that would blow your mind providing your ex military and I’ve had a security clearance but a certain level otherwise I cannot discuss this it’s real believe it do some research smart people do I was a disbeliever until I did the research took me years be amazed what the real story in truth is

      1. how could you possibly even get racism out of that? That’s ridiculous how much did the CIA make you change that article? do your science do your research do you know what’s been hidden from us as having a former S15 security clearance if you only knew the real truth you would not be writing this garbage as a doctor why don’t you be one and come up with the truth even if you do it would be censored before you could write it so I don’t put all the blame on you as I stated before very racist to think we’re the only intelligent civilization Even in our galaxy when there’s billions of planets been proven how much technology for energy free energy has been hidden from us so that the oil companies in mega rich can pollute our planet it’s all greed the human species doesn’t seem like it will ever learn to treat each other you would want to be treated hey we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but when they’re based on fake science as we’ve been taught most of our lives in the truth being withheld what can we expect

  2. So the EXACT same programs that constantly perpetuate Egyptian culture as the most intellectually advanced society (by a mile) on the planet at the time are racist towards Egyptians?
    This is called pseudo journalism.
    Hey instead of trying to discredit Egyptians with a few “what if” shows alien theories, wouldn’t it be much easier and more believable for these damn dirty anti-egyptians to simply say they were stealing the tech from their Jewish slaves?
    Oh snap!

    1. The pyramids were made long before Joseph was sold into slavery- Moses himself was rumored to be Akketnaten.

      1. Exodus never happened. Also, Egypt at the time of the construction of the oldest pyramids did not utilize forced labor comparable to that of the Romans or Americas.

        1. You’re boring ME. Egyptians had slaves, but it is worse that it was rumored that the “workers” were motivated by worshipping the alleged “Gods” aka the Extraterrestrials to do the labor which Science proves they lacked the technological capacity to plan, execute or build the needed machines and tools- 21st century Man even WHITES can’t create the tools needed to build these architectural marvels that are in the Americas, Africa, Asia or Easter Island!

          1. >Egyptians had slaves

            Not for engineering projects. What few honest slaves they had (instead of corvee labor) were for household tasks. Not construction.

            >, but it is worse that it was rumored that the “workers” were motivated
            by worshipping the alleged “Gods” aka the Extraterrestrials to do the

            Thanks for showing that it doesn’t take a huge leap to go from believing in a magical man in the sky to believing in the magical little big headed man in the sky.

            >Science proves they lacked the technological capacity to plan, execute
            or build the needed machines and tools- 21st century Man even WHITES
            can’t create the tools needed to build these architectural marvels that
            are in the Americas, Africa, Asia or Easter Island!

            I’m sure you can all the respected and peer reviewed papers saying that.

          2. If you dropped the “racism jag” you would SEE and HEAR many White scientists and engineers on Ancient Aliens state freely that 21st century societies still do not have the technology to duplicate the skills, tools etc; used to create the Pyramids etc.

            Why aren’t you in mourning for the guy Stan Lee that profited Disney over the Wakanda land movie?

            I am old enough to remember that when the KKK and other White Supremacists HATED that the writer MacGregor pitted the Black Panther fighting against a robed and hooded group of Klansmen while tied to a BURNING Cross- Lee FIRED the writer!

            Poor Don; he gave T’Challa a real Woman to love, Monica Lynn instead of that insulting as the say “White Woman dipped in Black Paint” Ororo- Storm who has the hubris to call herself a “Goddess” as IF Africans were so stupid and primitive in Egypt, the Sudan and Kenya. Even the Sociopathics Magneto and Emma Frost didn’t try to pass themselves as “deities” in White or any Other society- they couldn’t pull that much bull over the rubes.

            At first you were a bore; now you’re just a troll- feeding time is over slink over to somebody else!

    2. >So the EXACT same programs that constantly perpetuate Egyptian culture as the most intellectually advanced society (by a mile) on the planet at the time are racist towards Egyptians?

      You’re obviously being disingenuous but they deny their feats like the pyramids are both indigenous and also belonging to modern Egyptians. There’s indeed a history of disconnecting Egypt’s civilization from actual Egyptians.

      >Hey instead of trying to discredit Egyptians with a few “what if” shows
      alien theories, wouldn’t it be much easier and more believable for these
      damn dirty anti-egyptians to simply say they were stealing the tech
      from their Jewish slaves?

      Jews and other Levantines have no notable accomplishments in engineering soon before and during the construction of the pyramids. This doesn’t shift until way later in history. There is no secular record of a significant Jewish presence in Egypt within the agreed timeframe of Exodus as slaves rather than raiders. The Egyptians didn’t even practice slavery on such a level.

  3. I don’t agree with this hypothesis. The artifacts look alien, and the idea they are of alien origin is interesting/mysterious, it’s as simple as that. I can’t talk on behalf of the people who’ve been dead for centuries that started the idea, but no one is writing off the majesty of the Egyptian empire or belittling its achievements – if anything, contact with aliens would drastically heighten their importance.

  4. I’m guessing the author hasn’t read anything beyond Chariots of the Gods that Von Däniken wrote, nor seen the show Ancient Aloens. He basically concludes all civilizations had alien contact. Stone Hedge…. Aliens. Ancient Greek math…… Aliens. Da Vinci……. Aliens. Einstien…… aliens. China’s first emperor…. Alien. The Hindu holy books….. Aliens. The rise of Christianity….. Aliens. American Indians including south Americans…… Aliens. Vikings discovering America….. Aliens. Columbus discovering America…… Aliens. So if you want to conclude anything from Von Däniken humans as a whole need alien intervention to do anything, we are collectively stupid. So please get off your racism high horse. Also if you have to ask why there weren’t any “people of color” on the 1973 show about ancient aliens, to me that question sounds racist. How many “people of color” back in 1973, especially black scientists believed this stuff and we’re willing to hurt their reputation by talking about it. Seriously did everyone just lose all common sense or are people so against white men that we have to point out the absurdity of ancient aliens and racism. If their are aliens please take me from this planet. I can’t stand the how stupid humans are anymore.

    1. I noted that the original book–a bestseller–focused almost exclusively on non-European sites. That book still has influence. The TV show may have gone further than von Däniken’s original book in seeing aliens everywhere, but I also read “Signs of the Gods?” As I noted in the article, it is an extremely racist book and has influenced the development of the genre as well. I am pointing out that his views live on in the show, which still has him as a producer. Moreover, the book was reprinted this year for the anniversary. Thus it is problematic. Thanks for your thoughts, but I don’t agree with you. We need to question his original thesis in 1968 and ask why, at that time, he assigned great feats of engineering to aliens rather than to human civilizations.

      1. Thanks for wanting to have an intelligent conversation. I don’t agree with the man or the whole ancient alien thing. It’s just throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. I don’t believe the book was intended to be racist, the whole hypothesis was easy one, that’s why it was written, because it was easy to do. It’s a good “story” and that’s why it sold. The Egyptians were probably selected due to the “mystery” of Ancient Egypt. Europeans have had a fascination with Ancient Egypt since the 1800’s over all the brilliant things they were able to achieve millennia ago. Von Däniken just profited on this fascination, nothing more, nothing less. As I refer to it, it’s a stupid book for stupid people.

        1. Sarah, Nancy, you’re both really radiating negativity and arrogance. You clearly know nothing about the field you are attacking. There is a lot of nonsense among ancient alien theories, but some of it is actually based on very good points. If you would research it with honesty, you would find it. But no, what you do here is just making it political. You’re just abusing the trend of racial hysteria, your article is a stupid rant for stupid people.

          Both of you should research it with honesty, or shut up about it. And If you won’t research it, and will continue to invent idiotic theories, you’re no better than any other snake oil trader or phony ancient alien theorist.

      2. Ms. Bond you are spewing poppycock! Aliens??? Who the heck cares! You should find something meaningful to study instead of doing a troll jig atop a wobbly soapbox. This is advice I give as an ACTUAL history teacher, not a whiny preachy do-gooder. Do better!

          1. You have quite the distorted definition of harassment. Then again you clearly have a distorted definition of worthy content too!

          2. I see no harassment in his comment. And I tend to be open about some of the things this article and this person Jules is standing up against. Still I have to tell you that this behavior you’re showing here is perfect example of what kills journalism. You’re the one who is harrasing people. The article is polliticaly oriented garbage and you’re silencing the person who dares to point out its absolute lack of value. Time to stop wasting time with this nonsense.

          3. I see no harassment in his comment. And I tend to be open about some of the things this article and this person Jules is standing up against. Still I have to tell you that this behavior you’re showing here is perfect example of what kills journalism. You’re the one who is harrasing people. The article is polliticaly oriented garbage and you’re silencing the person who dares to point out its absolute lack of value. Time to stop wasting time with this nonsense.

          4. I see no harassment in his comment. And I tend to be open about some of the things this article and this person Jules is standing up against. Still I have to tell you that this behavior you’re showing here is perfect example of what kills journalism. You’re the one who is harrasing people. The article is polliticaly oriented garbage and you’re silencing the person who dares to point out its absolute lack of value. Time to stop wasting time with this nonsense.

      3. As a matter of record, John Michell’s The Flying Saucer Vision was published in 1967 and also included the idea that the pyramids, Stonehenge, and pretty much all of ancient civilisation were the result of alien involvement.

      4. Thank you for the article. It has been well received going by the number of comments and interest on this topic. Continue doing research on this and other archeological topics

    2. This article is blowing my mind! The fact that racism is being used to refute the theory of ancient civilization being influenced by extraterrestrial entities is unbearably stupid! So many holes here..not to mention one of the reasons Egyptian, African, and other cultures of color are being focused on is because they were here FIRST not because they were colored!! It’s based on the antiquity of the culture! The author pointing out the fact that none of the cultures included are Caucasian is racism by default once it’s used to discredit an opinion or theory based off color and not age of the culture! It’s the same as Jesus being portrayed as white when clearly he wasn’t! That . Is racist! Not saying that the beautiful and amazing cultures of ancient civilization had correspondence with beings they worshiped from the stars! Which brings me to another thing. Most all cultures of the past built structures and monuments to their gods! Read a Bible!! If those gods are not from here.. Which as I’ve read.. None are . They are extraterrestrial by definition! Wow! Hard to believe that huh!? The Hindu people are people of color and they literally believe everything the author is trashing by using racism as its culprit! Why did you exclude them from this argument?? Thas prejudice and racist. Last . As Nancy mentioned.. ALL CULTURES ARE INVOLVED IN ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORIES.. This article is disappointing and highly frustrating!! If you don’t agree with the hypothesis. Find a better word than racism to explain why when clearly racism is not at all expressed by the theory. If anything.. People of ancient society have been held in higher standard of feat and intelligence with or without the ideal! Idk

      1. Wow, this article is making you sound very angry. I’m sorry you miss understood what I was trying to convey. I said the whole thing trying to link ancient aliens to racism is stupid, so yes I agree with you that this article is stupid. I just don’t believe the ancient aliens thing, that’s all. If aliens have always had influence over humans why is the world such garbage? Shouldn’t they be influencing us now, or saving us from destroying this planet? It’s easy to pick on an ancient culture like ancient Egypt. They have no known living descendents, unlike native American and Asian cultures who can tell you the meaning of their stories. You can say what you want and the only one how can argue with you is an Epyptologist. Who just knows the extent of what they studied.

        1. Well I wasn’t saying you and I had the same opinion regarding the theory of ancient alien theorists.. If anything I was saying I agree that the use of racism to refute the theory is a cop out when color is not the basis of their opinion but rather the cultures in their existence on the timeline as a whole. I was actually saying your point that they have included every culture blatantly shows that And Wether you or I or anyone else agrees or disagrees.. These cultures THEMSELVES have stated consistently that this is in fact what they DO believe, so noone should use racism as their means to attack a man who is by all means actually going off the history of what those cultures themselves actually believe. I wasn’t at all going against your statement. I think you took me wrong. But it’s all good. And yes.. As a person of color.. I hate to see racism misused to support an argument. Thas all

          1. ??? I DOUBT it’s hard to research a culture and read about their standing beliefs either. As I already mentioned prior.. There are several who in FACT do Research the Hindu and their sacred texts from the Bhagavad Gita.. Research the African Dogon tribe who believe their ancestors came from Sirius.. Research ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CULTURE explained by them and the numerous writings that detail where their deities came from and return to over and over again! Research Aboriginal Mythology and for that matter.. The Zuni Indian tribes, the Sioux or even NATIVE AMERICAN beliefs! Do this and you will realize it’s rather wild I should have to demonstrate anything. No matter what YOU believe or I myself believe.. It does not change the fact that these are ideals and concepts that they have shown and explained that they themselves do believe sir. Facts are facts. Like saying prove that Christian ideology believes that Jesus was real and came from an omnipotent being from the heavens they call God. You can disagree with that BELIEF.. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a CHRISTIAN BELIEF. All I can say about that.

          2. Since you expect me to spend the time out of my day to go and pull you threads and links after I’ve twice given you names of said cultures to research on YOUR own for your OWN self satisfaction to read and research and come to your own conclusions or criticism without MY opinion.. And your facetious responses only show you intend to be concondescending and not actually care to engage in debate with any actual interest on the matter.. I DOUBT I’ll further give any fucks what you actually choose to do with yourself or opinions at this point 👌 but hey good game mate

          3. You should stop using the Dogon people as an example. It’s very likely that they suffered cultural contamination from European settlers with their own racist ideas about Africa. The first clue is their knowledge of Sirius B, which no culture without very sophisticated astronomical equipment developed only in the late 19th century could possibly know even existed.

          4. Are you seriously speaking for people of color? Mind-blowing. People who deny racist ideologies as being factors in these contemporary issues are by default inherently racist. You don’t need to “research” our opinions ( I am First Nations and Native American & African.) You ask us. You speak to us. You come to us and you learn our stories and our beliefs. You will never find us in a history book or online. You could never conceptualize why we include the stars and planets in our spirituality and cosmologies. Or how those play out in our beautiful ceremonies, the ceremonies we still practice today. You are speaking about us as if we are “gone” and “lost.” You are projecting your beliefs onto silenced minorities.

        2. >They have no known living descendents

          Tell us more on how the Egyptians have nothing to do with Ancient Egypt despite Copts showing continuity in language and them with other Egyptians showing genetic continuity.

          1. Thanks for correcting me on that but you’re right. Cleopatra was the last Pharroh before Egypt fell to the Roman Empire. When Western Roman fell the Moors and Muslims took over modern Egypt. Most of their culture was lost and pillaged by grave robbers. Very few remembered Ancient Egyptians, only the pyramids were visable above the sand. Most of their story wad known from the story of Exidus. No one could read their writing until the Rosetta Stone was found, after which a few figured out how to speak ancient Egyptian, using the Rosetta Stone and modern dialects. There are modern Egyptians that do carry ancient blood, but most are now Muslim. Modern Egyptologist discovery new things everyday that the world has forgotten.

          2. > Cleopatra was the last Pharroh before Egypt fell to the Roman Empire.

            Egypt was already a Roman client state before Cleopatra, and became a full province upon her death. Cleopatra was also Ptolemy, of Greek and Macedonian descent, not Egyptian.

            The Egyptian empire “fell” several times to conquests from other regions through the ages.

            Cleopatra wanted to ween Egypt of Roman rule and be a Queen/Pharoah in her own right, which was the main motivator behind her shenanigans with Caesar and Mark Antony.

          3. Exactly, I tend to paraphrase. Egypt was on it’s way out at the end of the old kingdom. In fighting among royals and invasion was it’s downfall at the end. But this leads to my point regarding the article. Egypt was the lost civilization that wasn’t lost. Many of their artifacts stolen or destroyed when the library at Alexandria burn down and fell into the Mediterranean Sea. Explaining their achievements by alien intervention…. Easy at the time of the book, besides hundreds of mummies and their stuctures, king Tut was the still the biggest find. Now they’ve found documents that have explained most of their “mysteries”. At this point the “Chairots of the Gods” is a book that time has proven false. It happens to many books. To bring up a book that was written in the 60’s that was written by a none American now and talk about racism? That are a lot more racial issues going on in the current world that are way more serious than a 60 year old book. I am glad that there are people that are aware of the history of Eygpt.

      2. Not only is there no acceptable evidence for gods, but there’s no acceptable evidence for aliens capable of interplanetary travel.

        All reliable evidence points to man either being alone or having no neighbors he can speak to.

        1. really? no evidence? The countless UFOs caught on radar performing high speed maneuvers that would flatten humans like bugs are not evidence? I’m sure you have it all figured out LOL.

          1. Well their sure as hell no proof they helped the Mayans build their own civilizations. But their is more evidence that proves they did build Rome and Greece. I wonder why Northern Europeans never had any worthy civilizations, but built mud huts, carved out of hillsides! ?

      3. You are not the one affected by these theories. Africans and especially Egyptians are the ones who bear the brunt of these racist views. The Mayans in Mexico or the Incas in Latin America are the ones who bear the brunt of these racists views. They have to deal with the fact that their history is being erased by influential foreigners who pretend to believe in aliens only when it suits them. They do not seem to believe in aliens when it comes to Greek or Roman civilisations, ohh those were obviously built by white men.

        1. Actually, yes they do, and I have even seen that ridiculous show delve into American history. None of it has anything to do with racism, but the Left just has to make everything about race, because that’s really all they’ve got.

      4. Thanks, well said. I don’t have the time right now to pick this article apart, but what a bunch of hand-waving b.s. Nothing in this article tackles the hard parts, like how master stone masons present today say they COULD NOT do what was done with bronze tools and sand. Nobody today on this planet has reproduced the tech, but instead of looking at the hard questions, get some easy air time with yet ONE more article explaining how racism explains everything. I often suspect those crying racism have something entirely different to prove. Hey, we found a ramp. That’s it, we can go home now….

    3. Your argument is not completely accurate. Even if it may be true that the racist said that all civilisation were built by aliens (which i very much doubt, by the way), it is also true that nobody in current times says that Rome or Greece were built by aliens. That stupidity is heard from these racists only as it apertains to ancient Egypt, Inca civilisation or Mayan civilisation in Peru and Mexico. I am yet to see these overt racists create a youtube video about how their precious Greek civilisation was created by aliens.

      1. Greek and Roman civilization is completely documented ! ‘We’ know who and how they built and thought ….. There’s ‘no need’ for ‘alien intervention !!!!

        yet the theory of ET intervention IS that all the ‘gods’ are ‘Aliens’.

        and they sure seem “alien’ to me !!!

      2. Thanks for replying. I appreciate your point of view. I don’t agree with the book and the way it doesn’t include European civilizations. It looks like even 60 years later it’s still premoting division amoung people of the world. It’s disturbing that people still believe that stuff.

      3. I don’t know how you came to this conclusion. Many of such people have such opinions – that greek gods could be real beings who pretended to be gods.

      4. The television show that spawned from the book has referenced Greek mythology several times. There’s no mystery to their architecture; we’ve been copying it for centuries. Hell, they even had a whole episode on comic book heroes if you can believe that. You’re damn right they are going to call Zeus and Poseidon an alien, and that the mountaintop he rose from was, I don’t know… “the same one from the bible” or something. They have done the same with Europe’s conquest of America; credited “alien intervention”. Even the revolution; they strongly implied George Washington may have had a “divine intervention” that led to a turning point of the war. Pretty sure Washington was a “white male”. They’ve done the same angle with Da Vinci and Tesla. Stonehenge? “Atlantis”? You know damn well ancient astronaut cranks have beaten those last two into the ground.

        Not to defend this garbage, but it appears that anyone who is playing devil’s advocate when it comes to a specific slant in environments like this get accused of being “on board” the crackpot ship. These shows/mockumentaries spend most of their time citing what these cultures believed/worshiped, and ran with their recurring “sky god” lore in a “what if they meant what the preached?” angle. As ridiculous as the narration is, it doesn’t condescend early man. If anything, they accuse scholars of treating them as those incapable of anything more than banging stones together and half of their narrative is “the ancient people were more intelligent than us!”. Racist! No, anti science.

        Again, not in agreeance, but that’s the actual narrative coming out of these shows and crackpot channels more often than not. I am not on board, I am a skeptic. But it irks me when skeptics want to have it both ways. “They are calling ancient man idiots in the name of European superiority, but they are uneducated idiots for taking the word of the ancients over modern scholars!”. Which is it? They are siding with (cherry picked) mythological accounts from the very cultures they are accused of discrediting. They discount modern man’s scientific and historical studies of these ancient cultures.

        As mentioned in my above post, this was born of “ancient cosmonaut” stories which was most likely cold-war propaganda, before ‘Chariots of the Gods’ was born.

    4. Many of the Egyptian Pharaohs were black, as both queen Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene were reputed to be, plus one or two Roman Emperors.

  5. I always thought the books and shows were funny to watch and sometimes just ridiculous.
    But I never once felt like our race was being attacked.
    I take it you also shout “racism” when a white cop gets rough with a black man but not when it’s the other way around right?

    Our people seriously need to quit playing the victim at every possible opportunity without facts present…it’s all assumption just like those books you mentioned and very hypocritical of you.

    1. Which Black police officers have assaulted White Men OR Women and not gotten punished? Last year a Black Cop accidentally killed a child in the back of a car fleeing the scene- the car being driven by a criminal- HE got 40 YEARES in prison!

      Oh and the Australian Woman who snuck out from hiding and because a Somali American Cop feared for his life, killed HER, HE got arrested last year too; didn’t hear anything about HIM going free.

      So you Tell ME Again????

    1. Hi Brian Beck,

      This isn’t journalism (or pseudo-journalism). This is not a news report. Rather, it’s a considered, well-researched analysis of a set of theories in terms of what they imply. You might disagree with Dr. Bond’s findings, but you are not even getting the genre of writing correct here.

  6. I’m getting tired of seeing this racist crap. It’s like the people who scream about the thousand oaks shootings reports being racist because “they only report shootings happening to white people”. Its total bullshit and its racist in itself. Accusing things of being racist when they are not is essentially you being a racist. I’ve seen many many horriable reports of police brutality and shootings against African Americans. The news isn’t racist as a whole, and the ancient alien theory isn’t racist. Let’s stop crying wolf when there is no wolf.

    1. What does this have to do with the Thousand Oaks shooting? Why are you so threatened just because someone suggests something could be racist? Chill out dude.

      1. I’m threatened by it because it is truly not racism. I’m pushing back against it because I can see that this is the kind of crap that is perpetuating and increasing the very evident divide in this country. The divide that is suppose to be shrinking. In your support for this your are inherently racist just like I said above. Calling something racist when it is not racist is racism because you are furthering the gap between people in this country. Get with the picture sister.

      2. I think you need to chill out with your ignorance. I stated the correlation between the two in my opinion. I think you need to chill out because you are the only one contradicting yourself. Talking about people getting upset about racism when that is what the whole article is about. It is stating that the ancient alien tv show is racist and it is not. You need better reading comprehension skills because obviously you didn’t understand any of the conversation. Obviously your entire goal here was to just to come in here and bash people and their opinion. Stop being ignorant and contradicting and read for once in your life correctly.

        I’m saying that I’ve seen lots of people try to say that the reports on thousands oaks are racist and I’m saying I do not agree with that at all. Just like the author in this article has stated that the ancient aliens tv show is racist. I do not agree. I’m connecting the two because of the vagrant fallacies people like you throw around. I’m white too and I come from place where I grew up with no other white children and I was bullied and picked on for the color of my skin. I have experienced real racism and this tv show is not racist. Get with the picture or get out.

        Now you can respond and continue to show your ignorance and how you have nothing to contribute.

  7. Racism? More like specism. The concept that HUMANITY did not build HUMANITY’S greatest civilizations is not a function of racism it is some form of self loathing by a species.

    1. All hope in gods, elves, aliens, some other obviously superior entities to humanity deeply roots in disappointment in one’s world and one’s fellows.

    2. no, the fact that we are fine with accepting major technological achievements by ancient Europeans, but not by non-Europeans IS racist

      1. We are “fine” accepting technological feats that are well documented and offer no room for “mystery”, the Great Wall of China, and Roman architecture as examples, I will not defend my argument against your charge because I think the race of those involved in the building of the pyramids is Human, and not some demonstrable subset of the species. There is enough evidence to say that the Ancient Egyptians were African, and there is compelling evidence that they may have been as they are now, neither of which would change the fact that believing that “Aliens” built the pyramids is a knock on humanity and not just a slight to which ever race you believe is being aggrieved. We have to remain open to the idea that a civilization capable of such feats would also be capable of being multiracial, just saying.

  8. “A potent combination of tabloids and television helped to make von Däniken’s book a bestseller in the United States.”
    This is only a part of it. Blaming the ‘media’ and marketeers for the success of this utter bullshit is disingenuous. Until writers and commentators place the responsibility for national ignorance squarely where it belongs then it won’t change for the better. The main progenitor of the dissemination of garbage pseudo science is the woeful state of education in America where religious fantastical delusions are accepted as ‘gospel truth’ by blank faced adherents of ‘faith’ because religious propagandists reign supreme on governors chairs and court benches.

    1. Right on! All of our national media’s are censored by the CIA that’s been proven CIA has people in all the major networks the truth never comes out and never will believe this science not what science tells you

    2. Simon, I can assure you Bible-thumping fundamentalists aren’t responsible for “ancient aliens” theory, unless we’re talking Mormons. 😉

      1. I didn’t say they were. I said it is bible thumping fundys who are truly responsible for national ignorance, and by extension, every amoral, anti-science, anti-ethical political whore who swallows utter bullshit hook line and sinker from whatever source. If you’ve been paying attention to who your president and vice president is and how they got there you’ll notice that the one thing that ties them, the NRA, Von napkin, climate denial and the masses together is the blissful ignorance of religion.

        1. There is certainly a lot of confusion and wishful thinking involved in this speculative field, but it’s based on very good points. Some ancient artifacts and structures couldn’t be manufactured with tools of the time they were allegedly made. Your hostility towards this possibility is quite interesting. I don’t think these ancient structures are built by aliens, but frankly – any explanation of the origin of such artifacts would shatter the view of the history of human civilisations we currently have in our academic consensus.

          1. “Your hostility towards this possibility is quite interesting” !!!
            Your gullibility in taking seriously the proposition of ‘alien’ manufacture (alien to the locals anyway) is predictably boring. That you characterise my refusal to chew baloney with you as ‘hostility’ is quite boring too. You can always pick a boring radical. They’re so infused with an air of entitled ponderance. Enough already villain.

          2. Simon, you’re attacking Jeden z mnoha for believing ancient structures are made by aliens when he specifically said he does NOT believe ancient structures are made by aliens. It helps to read the comment before responding blindly with childish insults. It doesn’t accomplish anything other than making you look bad. Everyone else can see what he actually said. Also, he makes a very good point which you chose to completely ignore. Why?

          3. I added ‘(Alien to the locals anyway)’ which Is a qualification suggesting i registered his disbelief that they were from outer space type aliens. I read his piece. You should read both his and mine again if you can be bothered to toss yourself further over how clever and mature you are.

          4. Simon, you’re really very emotional and hostile. Paul was just defending me, because of your negative emotional charge. That charge was the reason I originally responded to you – it means that doubting the academic view somehow endangers your view of the world. But if you want to live with reason, you should not fall for dogma. Doubt is a good thing.

            Paul adressed the point I made, would you like to respond to have some discussion – this time actually on topic? How could the people of egypt shape granite with bronze tools? How could Incas shape their stones? Move them without knowing the concept of wheel? How would you adress such inconsistencies? Would not it be better to just admit that we don’t know enough to make conclusions?

            And what’s the most importatnt question regarding this article – how is thinking about possible explanations of these inconsistencies racist?

  9. The Mathematical precision of many of these structures, plus the fact that tests done by Engineers in terms of the instruments used in the creation of blocks, slabs, crystal skulls,etc; ( eg; WHITE engineers of the PRESENT TIME clearly state that modern tools are too primitive to even BEGIN to fashion such objects today) are still beyond our technology today convinces ME that Extraterrestrials, not peasants motivated by “religion” created these Wonders that exist today.

    I take Von Daniken with a grain of salt; besides having a difficult time speaking English, he, like other presenters on Ancient Aliens, are a bunch of horny old men obsessed with the “fallen Angels having S-E-X with ‘the daughters of Men-” Not a WEEK goes BY that we can be sure to see this theme hauled out in all of its semi pornographic glory. He seems to salivate when the topic comes up, to pun a phrase. So I seldom watch- it’s boring to me as Black Woman.

    As to the latter, despite some articles in the Internet and YouTube emphasizing that Africans are of a Sirius B origin, OR even migrated from a far flung planet when the Lyrans were still genetically creating the Nordic – the story was that the Aliens came from a desert planet with lots of Gold but scarce WATER so the former was useless to them and they fled their world because their sun was drying up what precious little water was left, African Americans have to spew their prejudices and HATRED on any article about the Pleiadians, Nordic etc; that come up. They look petty and churlish- Indians in North, Central and South America don’t get as vindictive and negative as Blacks! That too gets old.

    So count this Black Woman O-U-T on the anti extraterrestrial jag! As far as I am concerned the Grey’s of any species and Reptilians as well as most Insectoids are my enemies. Not most Nordic although I know that not ALL of them are benevolent .

    1. The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men is ambiguous. The Hebrew doesn’t help either, which has led to a whole number of interpretations. Are the Sons of God those who continued in the closeness with God as Adam had, and the Daughters of Men a different group? There are some who use the Book of Enoch(which is either apocryphal or pseudepigraphic), to put forth their idea of fallen angels mating with humans or in the case of Ancient Alien folks extraterrestrials.

      1. The “Sons of God” are generally interpreted on Ancient Aliens as being Angels, Angelic beings they have Nothing to DO with mortal Men. In Ancient Astronaut theory, these are very human (although very technologically etc; advanced) extraterrestrials.

        In Biblical parlance , they become “fallen” when they choose to somehow acquire flesh bodies and mate with human females, those who are neither Angelic or in Ancient Aliens terms extraterrestrial- one Never hears about female extraterrestrials OR female Angels mating with mortal men under perhaps in the post dilluvian period.

        In any case, there is a pornographic obsession with this legend on the Ancient Aliens program; only Linda Molton Howe is the ONLY presenter neither titillated nor obsessed about it.

        1. Generally based on the Book of Enoch, but the original Hebrew and later translations leave a very loose statement . The passage is ambiguous enough to allow differing opinions.
          I was just presenting one where it could mean godly man and women who did not know God

  10. Well that’s the first time I ever considered this well orchestrated plot. I would say Roman and Greek technology, while similarly impressive, is generally better documented and their processes conceivable. The book and the show tend to focus on the more unexplainable feats of engineering. They then use that premise to suggest that beings far more technicolgically advanced than any modern human could be capable of doing those things. I am quite sure those fabulous accomplishments were a product of brilliant minds of all respective races. They should get credit for that. Regrettably their documentation is lacking. Enter ancient astronaut theory (AAT)-a fantastical way to explain those impressive structures! I seriously doubt it’s a fantastical way to deny those ancient civilizations the credit they deserve based on their race. I cannot speak to the motives of others and sadly there may be some that would laughably use AAT to do just that, but I would think that would be a very small group-a said, sad little group. I cannot accept the idea of AAT racism as any more believable than the idea that aliens are responsible for building the pyramids.

    1. Just because the Romans and Greeks documented the building of their civilization doesnt mean squat! they could of been lying that they themselves built these massive civilizations, when in reality, Aliens from outer space built it, so their ” Documented” evidence means nothing. Because IF they built other Civilizations elsewhere, they probably built Greece and Rome too, since man was so pitiously inadequate at that time.

      1. I certainly can’t say aliens were not involved. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. My argument was simply that there was at knowledge of the process versus mere speculation regarding other ancient civilizations.

  11. Nice try, but nothing explains the machining of stone to within microns using bronze era tools. This is just another attempt to conceal the truth behind our alien ancestor lineage.

  12. A boring hit piece on a fringe author and a loosely threaded argument.

    Institutional racism is real, but the ancient aliens notion is fun and whimsical. Thanks for trying to ruin it.

    1. “Whimsical” unless you’re from a culture that’s brilliant enough to have built the Pyramids but live in a world where people can’t think you’re able to do that. You have a sorry sense of whimsy.

  13. Never believed the alien crap. I Loved ancient Egyptian study..
    I guess I’m smarter, but always knew Africa has a rich heritage.

    Solomon was married to the Queen of Sheba and their son was King Malik ofEthiopia. No racism…she was considered his favorite Bride. He had lots btw.
    All HUMANS can, as God Said at THE TOWER OF Babel, when King Nimrod and Queen Simeramus built it to reach heaven.

    David’s Temple had steam engines running the doors.. and there were ancient cisterns found under some large ancient cities..

    See science fiction writers are dreamers.
    Just like all of these writers, their books are Fantasies.
    Mankind is dumb to believe in aliens, and not their fellow man being smarter, stronger and really good at everything..

    1. No you’re dumb with billions of planets are on Galaxy it’s racist to think we are the only intelligent civilization out there we are the greatest most humans think actually we’re probably one of the most primitive read the evidence before you open your mouth not what the science and the CIA controlled media is tell you

  14. Are they now claiming that Africans were the actual aliens? because that sounds like something these goobers would dream up.

    1. Did you read the article?? The image is not shown to align it with
      aliens, it is to show a beautiful Egyptian image which people (mis)used
      to create an image of “aliens” and to then then claim that aliens built
      the Pyramids. The whole point of the article is that it WAS Egyptians
      (Africans) who built them with their advanced knowledge of engineering,
      but that racists couldn’t give them the credit, couldn’t believe they
      were capable of that, so they made up a lot of nonsense about it being
      done by aliens. I am copying this from a prior reply to someone in this thread because I’m disturbed that people would reply to a piece which is debunking the racist myths about Africa without realizing that that’s what it’s doing.

  15. Thank you for an extremely interesting and well-researched article. It has always disturbed me that people aren’t able to give credit to the ancient Egyptians for being brilliant engineers who figured out how to build the Pyramids. Instead, they pretend that it must have been done by an alien life force. There are so many ways that African cultures’ contributions have been ignored or denied, and it’s important to set the record straight.

  16. Throughout history there has been a “lost and found again” story with technology. People make up outlandish stories with no factual basis to explain it, but the simple explanation is lost knowledge. For example, the Romans invented concrete. The “recipe” was lost for over a thousand years until it was reinvented in the early 1800’s. The original Roman concrete, ironically, still outperforms many modern versions in strength and longevity. No aliens involved. At some point we’ll figure out what ancient civilizations really knew, discovered, and used by their own power of invention, without making up nonsense.

    1. Ironically, you story of Roman concrete illustrates the “stories with no factual basis to explain it”. Human civilisation never lost the “recipe” for Roman concrete.

      Copies of De architectura (On architecture, published as Ten Books on Architecture) a treatise on architecture written by the Roman architect and military engineer Marcus Vitruvius Pollio which contains several versions for opus caementicium (Concrete) were in existence and known by various societies continuously since the books were written about 30-15 BCE.
      There a lot of accounts of the books being in the palace scriptorium of Charlemagne in the early 9th century. These were almost certainly copied from Byzantine sources, which also was the source for the Arabic empire use of the writing as the basis of its extensive engineering capacity.

      It’s also a myth that all Roman concrete outperforms the “modern” product.
      Roman construction could be just a poor and badly done as any throughout history. Roman writing of the time shows construction failure were commonplace before 476 CE, with lots of accounts of building with concrete suddenly collapsing.

      There was a type of Roman concrete called Pozzolana which used volcanic sands from the Naples area which produced a product which outperforms the modern “Portland” cement, but this was used in a relatively small number of projects (usually the high profile state sponsored ones). For instance none of the vast amount of ordinary housing in Rome, which did not use the superior concrete, didn’t outlast its modern equivalent.
      Just because we can see some “good” Roman concrete in modern times doesn’t mean the normal stuff which crumbled away didn’t exist.

      The main reason why western Europe couldn’t build with Roman construction techniques wasn’t that the knowledge was “lost” in an absolute sense, but most post Roman societies lacked the social and material means to carry them out.
      There are examples of post 476 CE Byzantine construction which used the Pozzolana concrete at times when they had control of southern Italy.

      It is more a lack of capacity than knowledge problem.

      1. Thanks. good comment. Modern, regularly produced concretes have strengths (up to 130 MPa or 19,000 psi) weather resistance and workability that is far superior to anything the Romans could have made.

        Why do people “make up” unsubstantiated stories like this with the only basis for them being that they “sound good”? There is this certain head-of-state right now who is particularly good at this…

        1. It’s just the old reactionary narrative of “Old Is Better.” The modern day is seen as corrupt, degenerate. The ancient (insert name here)s are seen as a lost race of Übermensch that were destroyed by either foreigners (appeal to anti-immigrant sloganeering or other forms of nativism), miscegenation (fixation on “racial purity”), or some other way that serves the narrative.

          1. Yes, but in the case of ethnic Americans ( Native Americans), old was definitely better, before the mass immigration of the Euro hordes and their slaves.

    1. Are you trying to say that Egypt has no ties ancestral ties with Africa? Putting aside how using Central African populations as a proxy for “African” (I assume you mean Negroid or “Black”) is flawed since Egypt has never been reliably associated with Central to West Africa, the E1b1b haplogroup is currently accepted as indigenous to Africa. That haplogroup being prominent among Egyptians.

  17. Alien life forms didn’t construct the pyramids, they assisted humans by showing them how to move and design such an enormous structure. The pyramids at Giza and elsewhere are a human achievement. Not an ET achievement.

      1. 2000 years ago there was no evidence for the things we know to be true today. Plato, a great thinker (not because he was white, because his philosophy was well documented and nearly his entire works have survived in tact) thought we had beams shooting out of our eyes to explain eyesight. As silly as that sounds to modern man, still considers him one of the greatest (documented) minds of all time and values his works. Even the greats can be wrong.

        Do you think your high speed internet or giant flatscreen matter less because Plato couldn’t have concieved the enough evidence to support the science and engineering that led to our current society? An existence doesn’t need evidence for our approval or a burden of proof. It just is. Or isn’t.

  18. How about looking at the evidence before u shout racism? Do u think in the 19th Century we had craft in the air traveling at 3500 mph,or even in the 1940,s? With billions of planets just in our own Galaxy it’s racist to think that we are the only intelligent civilization out there or is it just ignorance that’s going to be the downfall of our race everybody’s always thinking they’re better than everybody else couldn’t possibly be anything else better than us this is the number one human fault and that will be the downfall of our civilization as has been proven this is happened before 40 50 thousand years ago we had Advanced race then that was wiped out because of their ignorance and if you want to believe everything science tells you then let me sell you a piece of property that I have for a million dollars that I paid 10 grand for science has been hiding the truth in schools are teaching our youngsters false history been proven do your research before you write something so dumb is what you wrote typical human trying to start trouble putting everything to racism

    1. In Columbus discovered America not the Indians that were here for thousands of years and was Columbus give me a break time to change our education system and for people to take over on facts not censorship and lies

    2. There is zero evidence that any other technological intelligence ever evolved within our galaxy at least.
      Even the evolutionary history of intelligence on earth indicates that it is vanishingly unlikely due to all manner of bottle necks and evolutionary filters

  19. We are all equal as humans. unfortunately until everybody learns and believes that I don’t see a future for our race we will collapse like all the other previous civilizations before us. Yes there have been numerous even more intelligent races humans on this planet that wiped each other out. There’s proof of that it’s just hidden from us research that Dr

  20. Great piece; I was just talking with someone about alien theories and the Dogon civilization’s advanced knowledge of astronomy, so this headline popped out. Beyond me that people are misreading this article to the extent that they are, and I am assuming it’s due to reading the headline, a few lines from the body, then skipping straight down to the comments vs. actually absorbing and understanding what is being said? Not at all uncommon or out of place for people to believe an invention, concept, artwork etc. cannot be credited to the person(s) that created it for a number of different reasons. It is racist to believe that aliens made the pyramids because Egyptians were capable; by believing aliens made it vs the Egyptians, you don’t believe Egyptians are capable–and because Egyptians are black/poc, them being incapable of making such a massive contribution (that is still to this day one of the most important contributions to architecture and engineering) is further substantiated by modern day racism aka it fits the script *cue aliens*. Thanks for doing the research and presenting this information to us, Dr. Bond.

  21. There is a lot more to aliens living on the earth than what Von Däniken has written about. One would think, on the basis of this very slanted and ill-researched article, that Däniken is a lone voice in the wilderness. Däniken was not the originator of the alien “theory,” he was the person who popularized it. The author should be researching ancient Sumerian and Indian texts that basically prove their “gods” were not myths, but were highly technologically advanced people roaming the earth.

    The writings and proof are vast and go far beyond Däniken. The discovery of a ramp does not dispel or solve the problems of the building of the pyramids which many archeologists now believe were built before the dynastic pharaohs.

    This article is misleading and amounts to nothing more than a hill of propaganda and OPINION that is filled with the same ignorance we have been hearing for years. It is an attempt to control information and is a defense of the historical status quo which is struggling to maintain its errors and ignorance in the face of a frontal assault on its dubious claims.

    Revelations of alien intervention would wreak havoc on all established religions which the “experts” and keepers of arcane knowledge are desperately trying to hold on to in order to maintain power and control of the citizens of the world. To suggest that the alien “theory” is racist is using the race card because the Egyptians were brown (not black), is a tried and true method of establishment shills.

    The question is raised below if the dynastic Egyptians were able to achieve these great feats, and the answer is no. The pyramids and sphinx were built long before dynastic Egypt. The dynastic Egyptians were not the beginning of advanced civilization, they were the tail end and a people who no longer possessed the advanced technology of those who preceded them.

    Why are there no inscriptions or pictographs showing the Egyptians building these great edifices? They were literal and recorded everything else on their walls, but for some unknown reason did not record the building of the pyramids.

    For those who may think this is a well researched or scholarly article, I point out the very last line;
    “but it is up to archaeologists, historians, and the public to continue to interrogate the insidious arguments that it contains.” The use of the word “insidious” reveals the author’s intentions to cast her ill-informed OPINION to refute what is becoming fact.

    1. Show us where the DNA of this Master Race is. Also, the Egyptians certainly had “Blacks” among their founders (as assimilated foreigners into the Old Kingdom if nothing else) considering the cultures down the Nile.

  22. That’s funny. I just thought AA was good stoner television? When there’s nothing good on Adult Swim. You know, like those 3AM bull sessions you used to have in the hall at the dorms? If anything, the focus on non-European cultures is a plus for the show, not a minus. I agree with the commenters here who suggest we should spend our time focusing on verifiable everyday racism. Like the police culture we have today in too many communities.

    1. That’s not Hyperallergic’s domain. This is an art news site. Pyramids, Stone Henge, Easter Island, etc., are ancient art so that’s why they’re talking about it.

  23. Why are all these people so upset over this article? Spewing rage-filled comments in defense of their alien conspiracy theories is really something else. I’m white and find that a disproportionate number of white people get overly offended by the mere suggestion that something is racist. It’s ironic that these folks are so angry and defensive, when they’ve never experienced systemic racism in their lives. Also I wonder why they’re so vigilantly clinging to their alien conspiracy theories. Even children get over finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real.

    My thanks to the author for this article and I’m sorry you have to deal with such nasty comments. <3

    1. Pure ignorance. Ironically funny you chose to pick on the guy who actually has been discriminated against for the color of his skin. Your argument falls apart just with that.

    2. U have no clue! Haven’t how many hours have you researched the evidence what about technology being found in coal beds 300 million years old human bones alongside dinosaur bones Footprints alongside dinosaur footprints Unearthed from 300-foot Underground just a few what about all the documents that I’ve just reached us from the Freedom of Information Act have you read those and the astronauts are liars the pilots are liars the military generals are liars no the politicians in the rich and Elite are the liars do you own a high security clearance I have as I said you have no clue I can say no more but you are so far away from it you might as well be in Andromeda Galaxy

    3. are you sure you’re that an alien from the race that has no common sense put Theory and crazy things to bed before you ever even research it there is more evidence for previous civilizations on this planet in free energy technology then you could read in a lifetime look up dr. Alan Greer brief presidents on this very intelligent man goes by the facts not the lies wake up and smell the roses and drink some coffee and do some research after you read the evidence tell us why they’re lies and Liars it’s all there just kept from us don’t put someone down for something you don’t understand or have any information or knowledge on that is the main human fault of most of all of our race

  24. This is almost complete nonsense — ahistorical racism posing as anti-racism. Cultural Marxism and anti-colonialism poison history by pitting descendants far removed from a supposed “crime” against one another for spurious anachronistic reasons intended to justify strife today. This the height of political toxicity and unethical scholarship.

    ..”deny a non-Western civilization…” blah, blah, blah.

    Egypt was an integral part of the Greco-Roman world. Egypt IS part of western civilization. Labeling Egypt, ‘Africa’, doesn’t make it some alien realm unknown to Rome — it was the bread basket of Rome for cripes sake. The world was always integrated by commerce and empire building. The idea that Africa was an isolated realm and Europe was an isolated realm is itself the core of toxic historically inaccurate nationalism, which is the true source of dangerous racism, not American UFO pseudo-documentaries on the “History Channel” that everyone laughs at except myopic academics who aren’t in on the joke.

    The hypothesis of ancient aliens is absolutely racist trash sometimes. That doesn’t mean originators or creative perpetuators of the concept are racists. They are mostly just sci-fi fans who incidentally also have the right to look at the world through their own cultural context. So, everyone, stop demonizing and start respecting facts instead of using academic cudgels to further your political idiosyncracies.

    The brute fact is that by the late 19th century, Africa and indeed most of the world outside of Europe was impoverished and culturally dead. Europe inherited a vacuum, like all civilizations had before and will after. Given the technological gulf between the cultures that clashed at that time, it did indeed become easier to believe in ancient aliens who created the wonders Europeans found than to face up to the fact of cultural mortality. That has nothing to do with racism; it’s a universal morally neutral fact of human psychology.

    The sooner people stop whining about the past and start building a better future, the better off everyone will be. These old culture critics just don’t understand that the youth are sick to death of institutional systemic despair. The last few generations are morally sick, all critiques and no solutions, and just need to be cut loose at this point. This magazine is plain out of touch to feature such depressing narratives nobody under 30 wants to believe anymore. Those who forget history may be doomed to repeat it, yet the fact is, those who are stuck living in the past don’t have to repeat anything — they just keep dragging the future down, down, down.

      1. I’ve seen you around and I have to say you reached the epitome of cognitive dissonance in some of your post.

  25. The politically correct paranoid left has now begun to do what NASA and other government coverup agencies have failed to do. Stop the belief in space Aliens using the power of the one word that can stop a speeding train dead in its tracks, “racism”. Once the SACRED race card is used it is all over. Soon they will make a law against talking about ETs visiting Earth. Soon these left-wing black-hooded people will begin book burning as Hitler did back in Germany.

  26. I’m sure there were no ancient aliens and the sun worshiping Egyptians built the pyramids on their own as tributes to their gods, both real and ethereal. Amazing feats to be sure but I believe one has to ask oneself – what has Egypt done for us lately? And by lately I mean in the last 3,000 years.

  27. I’ve seen people, white male engineer people, say that “we” would not be able to do some of the things being talked about even with modern equipment. Your claim of Eurocentric elitism is imaginary and self serving.

  28. As usual with the tiresome “racist” accusation the author fails to mention ancient alien theorists say all humans had contacts with aliens and they don’t necessarily say aliens built ancient monuments.

    And the ancient Egyptians were and still are a caucasian people.

    1. That is what a racist would say. Egypt was in Africa. Egyptians were black and the descendants still live around the Nile today. Go tell an Egyptian they are white and see what happens.

  29. My email to A & E after reading this piece:
    Your Ancient Aliens show on “The History Channel” has always seemed, every time I’ve encountered it at my gym, weak-minded and silly, as if all human anomalies can be explained by one explanation. Then I read this well-researched and thoughtful piece on the racist basis of this nonsense in Hyperallergic, an arts journal that ranges widely:
    Kill the Show?

  30. …Progressive wakes up from sleeping…

    Yawn… what can I be offended by today? Oh I know… people who believe in aliens are racist!!

    Congrats on furthering the decline of academia.

  31. Ever notice that these theories that discredit Egyptians, Indians, Native Americans and Africans, are perpetuated by Northern European descended Americans, and Northern Europeans Nordicists, Who do not have any pre-historical High civilizations with monumental architecture at all! Rome and Greece were more Asian/ Near Eastern influenced . At any rate, Northern Europeans had nothing but Cairns and Megaliths that were mostly primitive. I thinks its jealousy and insecurity, That non-Europeans had high Civilizations, where Northern Euros had none, Why not fantasize about White Nordic gods (Aliens) who bestowed Civilization to all the Brown folks, in the distant past ? But then there is the question that if they did bestow knowledge and Civilization to Non-Euros, why didnt they do the same for the Germanics, and Celts, and all other Northern European people? Were they not worthy??1

  32. This theory of yours about connection to racism is laughable. You can connect anything you want to racism.

      1. Nice, you know how irony works! But you missed something – article don’t provide any evidence to back its premise as well. Why should I do the work?

          1. I am, I was just emotional. I like to vent emotions, it’s healthy. Read that next comment, where I’m more reasonable 😀 And sorry, I’m just an intensive person. With weird english (not native).

      2. What’s great is, article is cherrypicking the sites where “darker-skinned” people live. But guys from ancient aliens camp also talk about many sites where white folks used to live. It makes no sense, it’s just continuation of the racist hysteria that’s exploding everywhere these days.

        1. Actually, it is not “cherry picking.” This article focuses predominantly on the ideas in the book “Chariots of the Gods” and the sites originally noted therein. Although I note von Däniken’s later role in the TV show–which now seems to just call everything alien-made as a means of making fodder for more seasons of the show–I wanted to demonstrate that the popular roots of the theory in the Swiss author’s original thesis were biased towards non-European sites. The original book focuses heavily on Egypt and South America. Understanding the racist antecedents of a phenomenon is important, even if it has become more encompassing and augmented over time. Yet the basic premise of a civilization being told they could not have built something remains prejudiced at best and racist at worst.

          1. Your article is doing exactly what I said it is – trying to connect ancient alient theories as whole to racism. Maybe Daniken has some racist features, you can find these in anyone you’ll pick. But even if that would be true that doesn’t make the whole ancient aliens camp racist. I don’t count as one of these people, but I understand why somebody would have such ideas. Academic view doesn’t add up.

            Danniken focused on most obvious gaps in archeological and historical consensus, for quite practical reasons. Europe is densely populated for quite a long time and everything has been rebuilt and built on top of so many times that it’s really hard to find something truly ancient. Most of the really ancient stuff has been lost.

            I personally don’t give Dannikent too much of a credit, it’s almost all speculation. But truth is, some of the artifacts found on many ancient sites are not easily explained with contemporary view of history. What’s most strange is that some of the really huge stone structures are made of very hard stone which couldn’t be efficiently worked on with tools of the culture that’s assumed to build them. To me it points to the unknown ancient human civilisation, not aliens. But still I appreciate him thinking and talking about these flaws of today’s historical consensus. It’s not prejudice, it’s a fact.

            Maybe it was the same people who lived there thousands of years earlier, and came later to repopulate old sites after surviving cataclysm. Or it could be some different people, and the color of their skin doesn’t matter at all.

            It’s cool now to label things racist, and that’s what you’re doing here.

          2. I wrote a long reply, but it got lost somehow. You did not change my mind about it. The title of the article links racism and ancient aliens theories. It doesn’t matter if Daniken is racist (and I doubt that), whole idea of ancient alien intervention is not intertwined with racism at all, and you have presented no proof. It’s just labeling things racist to make them look worse. Europe is densely populated for a long time, almost everything that was truly ancient is lost, there is not much to talk about and it is much easier for academia to throw inconsistencies off the table. Christianity had thousand of years to get rid of the rest of inconveniences. I bet more on lost ancient predeluvian civilisation, than ancient aliens, but that doesn’t matter. Your observation is wrong.

      3. I don’t know what’s wrong, my posts keep disappearing for some reason. WHat I pointed out is – article is ignoring the fact that many of ancient astronaut theorist tales are taking place where white people lived. And that tears apart whole concept of that article.

  33. This is not a new argument. I attended a lecture by Isaac Asimov in 1974 in which he stated, in reference to Chariots of the Gods, that it was racism to believe that ancient non-white civilizations required extra-terrestrial assistance to achieve their accomplishments. I have subscribed to this perspective ever since.

    1. I’m currently reading Asimov’s Chronology of Human History. He was a one-of-a-kind scholar and public intellectual and an incredibly prolific author of nonfiction though he’s mostly known for his science fiction. As much as I like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, they both pale in comparison to figures like Asimov and Carl Sagan.

    2. Ancient Astronaut Theorists, including the author of Chariots of the Gods, believe there are structures *all over the world* that required extraterrestrial assistance. So, no it is not racist at all because it includes all races all over the world. It angers me when people are so quick to criticize what they don’t know about. All over the world, there are ancient, similar structures, with similar designs, that simply could not have been built without very advanced technology. We can’t even replicate these structures today for crying out loud.

      For example, there are 100 ton blocks moved *up a steep cliff* with perfect circles cut through them with laser precision. There are blatant signs of technology and machinery being used on structures that are thousands of years old. And the fact that the same designs are found worldwide indicates a common source. Remember, these ancient civilizations, separated by vast oceans and impassable terrains, had no way of contacting each other in ancient times. So, what was the common source? It’s a reasonable question to ask.

      People just *love* attacking these things without even bothering to understand the basics. I’m aware there is a lot of fake bullshit and wild speculation among extraterrestrial believers, but crazy people don’t affect the actual facts which, at a minimum, prove that a lot of what we’ve been taught in school, and told by the news, is categorically false.

  34. Pyramids exist the world over from Egypt to S America to China and even to Yorkshire in the UK whereas until their commencement roughly at the same time there was little evidence of building much more than mud huts. The theory is that aliens introduced knowledge that started the era of homo sapiens. Francis Crick the brilliant discoverer of DNA believed it to be so and to think that the pyramids were nothing more than tombs is to ignore their brilliant mathematical structures which point towards their capability to send the souls of humans electronically back to where they came which many Africans believed to be the star Sirius at that time and many still do to this day from folklore.

    The book The Royal Secret (www.theroyalsecret.info) discusses the means by which the pyramids were transmitters and receivers of electronic beams and how a single bloodline was handed down from before the time of Moses to Christ to the Knights Templar and to the Freemasons and today’s Illuminati together with geometric secrets which enable the transposition of a person’s electricity from one body to another across the universe.

  35. Orson Wells is a famous american nay sayer. Most of the content is entertainment recreated. There are no credited scientists working on wormholes. The scientist the show credited was the inventor of the horoscope. Good going guys! Hehehe
    And Enstein said as you travel through space time slows down but that was refuted to distance = rate x time. Einstein did not consider the speed and time, simply put the faster you go, the shorter amount of time it takes to reach your destination.

  36. If all you want to see is racism, then that is all you will see.

    I told my co-worker once I did not like rap music, he called me racist.

    This article is RIDICULOUS.

  37. Racist is the belief in giants promoted by racist Jim Viera. Anyone that believes this junk along with the phony ancient alien nonsense is an idiot.

  38. What a contrived load of nonsense. Science is a discipline that encourages the continued questioning of established theories. I’ve not seen any real racism in any of the Ancient Alien theories presented. Many questions posed are put forward because the accepted official line doesn’t fully satisfy the curiosities of a percentage of the population.
    That doesn’t make it racist nor do I believe the focus on structures in Egypt, Africa, India or South America. The thing these structures have in common is more of their elaborate structure or physical size that lead people to compare how we might try to replicate such feats today with “modern” technology and from some of the evidence presented I think there is validity in asking questions about how these works were created.
    It is absurd to leap to the conclusion that to question the building technology or techniques is racism. To do so shows how polluted our modern academia has become in this day of “progressive” thinking. Need any more proof, those asking these questions also question the origin and technology of the Greek thus European Antikythera mechanism. Go back to social justice mud slinging projectionism 1.01 and think of another big bad white bogeyman you can try to vilify with your own anti-white racist views.

  39. What is wrong that these racist theories are esposed by “Nation of Islam” and other black liberation organizations?
    What do they get out of continued belief in something unreal?

  40. Its always the Nordicists Nazis and the “White Gods (Aliens)” proponents and theorists, who wet themselves over the thought that these powerful beings who bequeathed technology and civilization to non-white civilization’s. Somehow the simple fact that they are “White” means that these alien gods are somehow their ancestors, even though they themselves were never recipients of any great Northern European civilization. Its the worst kind of civilization envy, and fantasy porn for the low IQ seqments of their society. They want to live vicariously thru their white gods , mysterious white tribes, white giants, nordic aliens and other peoples civilizations and acheivements that have nothing to do with them. How pathetic!

  41. I believe that Zeus and Jupiter were really Queztacoatl , and it was a very Native American Quetzacoatl who built all temples and palaces of Rome and Greece, while the people were having orgies, committing gluttony, and passing out in the vomitariums. It was the Red God who built Rome in a day!!

  42. Whenever my kids see stuff about how “ancient cultures couldn’t” be it the pyramids, intricate carvings etc. etc. (My husband watches Ancient Aliens [bless his heart] and can’t stand when I go MST3000 on an episode) I explain to my girls that present day humanity has lost the concept of what it is to be an artisan. We’ve replaced an absolute mastery of a craft to a hollow buzz word for “fancy”. I’ve explained to them that back then a person who did stone cutting or carvings or paintings etc… had skills that they learned from their fathers who learned from theirs and so on so forth to the point where you have decades if not a century or more of a craft past down the family line to where the man who did that “impossible carving” had years upon years of tips tricks and refinement handed down to him to do this. In that light it doesn’t seem so impossible does it?

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