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The 121st installment of a series in which artists send in a photo and a description of their workspace. Want to take part? Submit your studio — just check out the submission guidelines.

Leopold van de Ven, Boxtel, Netherlands

My studio is on the ground floor and upper floor of a former coach house — a national monument from 1880. The picture was taken from the ground floor and shows work created upstairs. There, I can work comfortably if it doesn’t get too large. On the ground floor there is room to develop new work in a different way or to make an installation. It’s now quite tidy, so I can take pictures and present the work.

Michael Kerbow, San Francisco, CA

I have a great painting studio, located in a large industrial building that was once a mayonnaise factory. About 100 artists have studios in the building. I enjoy being part of such a wonderful creative community. My studio is 20 by 60 feet, spacious enough to allow me to work on multiple pieces at a time. I have several work tables and easels, and since everything is on wheels, I can easily rearrange my space as needed. I have a roll-around cart for my oil paints, another cart for acrylic paints, and one for tools. The studio has a high ceiling and large windows that flood the space with light. At the far end of the room, near the entrance, there is a couch, a utility sink, and ample storage for artwork and supplies.

Col Henry, Sydney, Australia

I am a public art sculptor near Sydney, Australia. My latest commission is a six-meter stainless steel turtle, created from 500 segments/facets to be installed underwater at Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia. This work is a focus on educating people about the plight of coral reefs all over the world — not just the Great Barrier Reef — suffering from pollution, bleaching, and more serious cyclones, etc. The work will be eight meters deep and seeded with coral, becoming a growing and living entity. This is a very exciting project for an artist and has an important reason for being “Art with a Message.”

My studio is a far cry from a painter’s studio, but it is just as authentic. It is where I personally design, fabricate, and hand form organic works from three millimeter stainless steel to satisfy my passion to bring meaningful art to the public.

Pat Peacock, Ft. Ashby, WV

My studio is on the rim of a mountain in rural West Virginia, and on a clear day, I can see for miles. The best things about my studio are the north light, a wood stove, a comfy chair, and the obligatory studio dog. (All paintings are works in progress.)

Frances Gaffney, New York, NY

I am a surrealist painter living both at the boat basin at 79th Street and in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. Currently, I am working on a painting of my guardian angel titled “The Blue Knight.” My knight is a mighty female. She sits at the entrance of a crumbling brownstone in my Upper West Side neighborhood. Her frock is the most magnificent dress in creation! It is made from the finest metallic threads, with a hemline bordered with lacy chain mail. She carries a sword and shield but doesn’t really need them.

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