An animated mock-up of “Kick Him Out!” by Tamara Gayer (with credit to Margaret Crimmins for sound design), part of We Make America. (images courtesy of We Make America and the artists)

Hope floats, as the saying goes, and if it is your hope that the world no longer collectively suffer under the indignity of the orange Buffoon-in-Chief, then artist/activist collective We Make America and artist Tamara Gayer have a float for you! Or they will, if the fundraiser they’ve launched goes well. Touting the emotionally recuperative power of inflatables, the collective has launched a GoFundMe on behalf of Gayer, to facilitate the making of a custom piece of inflatable art for the 2019 Women’s March in January.

Print edition by WMA artist Nancy Davidson, part of the reward tiers for the GoFundMe campaign.

Designed to “express the need to Kick Them Out of Office,” the project is attempting to raise $12,000, with which it proposes to fabricate a giant orange ass and fill it with helium. An instructive video illustrates the process, adding in some stars-and-stripes motif shoes to emphasize the underlying “Kick Him Out” message. Donors will receive rewards, including art swag from collective members, including Gayer, Mary Frank, Tom Klem, Nancy Chunn, Nancy Davidson, and Susannah Stern — as well as high-tier rewards including the honor of having your name tattooed on the inflatable butt, or an actual We Make America 4’ papier-mâché (or inflatable) shoe or butt — presumably after they are done marching with it. For the highest donation level of $3,500, WMA will come to you and make a one of a kind artist banquet for you and 8 of your friends, including alcohol.

“We will shop, cook and provide delightful company,” says the GoFundMe page—and I bet they will, too. They sound fun.

Let’s inflate his ass in 2019, and then flatten it in 2020.

“From our recent experiments, huge balloons are—among other qualities that recommend them—really fun,” said Bayer in an email to Hyperallergic on behalf of WMA. “If you’re around and inclined, come play with us as we march.” Presumably the invitation stands for all creatures of good conscience.

It is a proud time in America, when the dignity of our highest office can be adequately expressed by a giant floating ass in the sky. All things considered, I’d rather look at that then his bloviating face-hole, so let’s all get together this Giving Tuesday, and make “Kick Him Out” a reality!

A test “butt” by artist Nancy Davidson

Sarah Rose Sharp is a Detroit-based writer, activist, and multimedia artist. She has shown work in New York, Seattle, Columbus and Toledo, OH, and Detroit — including at the Detroit Institute of Arts....

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