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With support from three visionary foundations, Hyperallergic will be growing its editorial team in 2019 with several new positions.

As we prepare for the challenges awaiting us in 2019, we are excited to announce that we are growing our editorial & publishing teams with six new positions.

It’s an exciting time to be in arts journalism, and we are especially grateful that three of these positions are being supported by leading foundations (Nathan Cummings Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation) that understand the importance of supporting independent voices and platforms in the field. As a leading independent publication focused on contemporary art and visual culture, we take great pride in offering honest and direct opinions and reporting on important topics in the world today.

Hyperallergic is now accepting applications for the following opportunities:

  • Managing Editor
  • Associate Editor, US Southwest
  • Associate Editor, Documentary
  • Journalism Fellowship for Curators
  • Staff Reporter
  • Marketing Manager

All positions above include benefits.

You’ll be joining a group of hard-working, creative people who are passionate about doing important work. Here’s what you need to know about these exciting opportunities:

Managing Editor

Full-time, based in Brooklyn, NY (Apply)

Hyperallergic is seeking a managing editor to join our editorial team in Brooklyn, NY. You’ll oversee the day-to-day operations of our editorial department as it evolves into a team of specialized editors and writers producing news reports, reviews, essays, blog posts, and podcasts.

The ideal candidate should be highly organized and detail oriented, as well as a collaborative leader to oversee our growing company’s daily editorial workflow. Reporting directly only to the Editor-in-chief, the position will supervise editors and writers based in both in our Brooklyn office and across the globe.

Associate Editor, US Southwest

Full-time, preferably based in the US Southwest (Apply)

Hyperallergic seeks to enrich its coverage of art from the US Southwest, which we define as New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, and western Texas, and its related networks. Hyperallergic has been publishing writing from the US Southwest since its inception, but in the last few years, it has become obvious that the growing cultural scene in the region demands we find new ways to learn and report about developments in the area.

This initiative will be led by a talented editor, who will edit and help drive research, reporting, and, criticism to ensure the publication of sensitive and comprehensive coverage that allows artists in the region to feel part of a global community. This editor will work with journalists, critics, and writers to produce substantial articles of interest to a general public.

This new editorial focus is being supported in part by a generous grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Associate Editor, Documentary

Part-time, with possibility of full-time, based in Brooklyn, NY (Apply)

The rise of documentary, particularly among artists and other non-traditional practitioners in the field, has created a greater urgency to generate critical dialogue that bridges specialized and general interest in the field, while helping direct interest towards more experimental or innovative and impactful ways to tell stories and share experiences.

Hyperallergic is seeking an enthusiastic and skilled associate editor specializing in documentary, to join our editorial team. We seek to expand the discussion about the social and cultural impact of the documentary arts through quality journalism and writing that is deeply informed by the larger visual arts and film ecosystems. In this role, you will manage and help drive our coverage, working with dozens of journalists, critics, and writers to shepherd projects through the editorial process while guiding the public engagement of the series with an eye towards the social impact and how the stories of underserved communities are told.

This is a part-time editorial position with benefits in our Brooklyn office. A full-time position may also be possible with a broader editorial focus.

This new editorial focus is being supported in part by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation.

Journalism Fellowship for Curators

Full-time during 6-month Fellowship, based in Brooklyn, NY (Apply)

Hyperallergic is seeking a curator to join our editorial team for a six-month writing fellowship to help expand discussions about the social and cultural impact of the curator.

The Journalism Fellow will engage with thought leaders in the field of curation, arranging interviews, reviewing relevant projects, and keeping track of new developments while producing articles of interest to a general public. This 6-month fellowship is ideal for curators looking to develop and extend their writing practice beyond galleries and museums.

During the course of this fellowship, we aim to identify and share the unique perspectives, processes, and roles that curation plays in the arts.

This fellowship for curators is supported by a generous grant from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

Staff Reporter

Full-time, based in Brooklyn, NY (Apply)

Hyperallergic is seeking a full-time Staff Reporter to join our growing team in Brooklyn. The ideal candidate is a well-informed observer of the arts, able to write succinctly for a general audience, with an active social media presence and a knowledge of photography and image editing.

Marketing Manager

Full-time, based in Brooklyn, NY (Apply)

Hyperallergic is seeking an enthusiastic and experienced marketer to join our team. In this role, you’ll work across a variety of digital marketing channels, including email, social media, and search to grow and engage our audience across multiple platforms.

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Visit hyperallergic.com/jobs for the full list of currently available job openings.

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  1. Hi there–really happy to hear that you’re expanding coverage, especially in the Southwest. Curious to hear as a Texan in the arts, where the rest of Texas lies in terms of regional editors (with NY or LA, or is there a Midwest editor)? I mean to say, why include Oklahoma, but only West Texas?

      1. Excited nonetheless that y’all will be able to explore more non-coastal coverage. Thanks for responding and for all you do.

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