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Mary Beth Edelson. “Some Living American Women/Last Supper” (1972). Hand-colored and stamped offset print, 25 x 38 in. (© Mary Beth Edelson)

SUM Artists: Visual Diagrams and Systems-Based Explorations at the Wellin Museum of Art presents several generations of artists who investigate and visualize divergent subjects of pressing concern, such as the arts, culture, history, race, gender, politics, economics, humanities, transportation, and the quotidian, among others — through the process of data visualization.

Featuring recent and historical artworks across a broad array of mediums, the exhibition explores the intersection of these subjects primarily through charts, maps, diagrams, and lists. Embracing the appearance of empiricism, the work in this show offers a kind of truth arrived at through the experiential and emotional filters of the artists. They present a form of visual hypothesis that is usually heavily researched, subjectively compiled, and flexible in intention.

Participating artists include Elisabetta Benassi, Vincent Como, Jennifer Dalton, David Diao, Mary Beth Edelson, RYAN! Elizabeth Feddersen, Daniel Feral, Richard Garrison, the Guerrilla Girls, Alfred Jensen, Mike Mills & Experimental Jetset, Loren Munk, John O’Connor, Wendy Red Star, Faith Ringgold, Leslie Roberts, Dread Scott, Ward Shelley, Batia Suter, Athena Tacha, Massimo Vignelli, and John Zinsser.

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SUM Artists: Visual Diagrams and Systems-Based Explorations continues at the Wellin Museum of Art, Hamilton College (198 College Hill Road, Clinton, NY) through June 14, 2020. The exhibition is curated by Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez, founding directors of Minus Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 

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