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From Maat Means Land (2020), dir. Fox Maxy (image courtesy Museum of Modern Art)

Since its founding in 2018, COUSIN Collective has worked to promote and support Indigenous filmmakers. This weekend, as part of MoMA’s annual Doc Fortnight festival (happening virtually this year), the collective will be presenting Cycle ∞, a program that pairs two short films with a compilation of assorted other works by Indigenous artists.

The two shorts are Fox Maxy‘s Maat Means Land (2020), which recently won an Ammodo Tiger Short Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and Arlene Bowman’s Navajo Talking Picture (1985), in which she chronicles her attempts to document her grandmother’s traditional ways. Meanwhile, the compilation forming the other half of Cycle ∞, a “discursive errantry,” will feature works by Adam Piron, Razelle Benally, Thirza Cuthand, Jeremy Dennis, Demian DinéYazhi’, Elisa Harkins and Nathan Young, Sky Hopinka, Woodrow Hunt, Suzanne Kite and Devin Ronneberg, Alexandra Lazarowich, Cannupa Hanska Luger, New Red Order, Fallon Simard, Krista Belle Stewart, and Nathan Young and Warren Realrider.

Cycle ∞ will also feature a conversation between Maxy and Bowman, moderated by Piron and Adam Khalil, co-founders of COUSIN. The program, along with the other titles in Doc Fortnight, is available for free to all MoMA members.

When: March 27–April 1
Online via MoMA

More info available at Museum of Modern Art.

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Dan Schindel

Dan Schindel is Associate Editor for Documentary at Hyperallergic. He lives and works in New York.

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