STUDIO 2021 is a one-of-a-kind celebration of creativity. For nearly 90 years, Cranbrook Academy of Art (CAA) has been home to the world’s leading artists, designers, and architects, from iconic designers such as Harry Bertoia, Tony Matelli, Tiff Massey, Chris Schanck, and more. 

STUDIO provides unprecedented access to CAA’s current cohort of 100+ student artists, architects, and designers. STUDIO registrants get a peek into their individual practices through a robust digital platform with images, video, art for sale, and other content.

The April 24 STUDIO Broadcast, hosted by alumni and performance artists Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, both graduates of CAA’s Sculpture department, includes a musical performance by Tunde Olaniran, behind-the-scenes exclusives with Cranbrook Art Museum Director Andrew Blauvelt, and more.  The event will stream live starting at 7:30pm (EDT) on  

The STUDIO Art Sale opens to the public on April 25 at 12pm (EDT). In addition to student work for sale, there are also opportunities for art collectors to secure limited-edition work from artists including Tony Matelli, Chris Schanck, Tiff Massey, McArthur Binion, Beverly Fishman, Conrad Egyir, Cleon Peterson, and Natalie Wadlington. The sale also includes the chance to purchase unique experiences, including a private concert with Tunde Olaniran, the chance to enjoy a Cleveland Cavaliers game from a suite hosted by Daniel Arsham, and more.

For advanced access to the sale and guaranteed access to items in the limited-edition collection, check out the Art Packages.  

Proceeds from STUDIO support Cranbrook Academy of Art Scholarships and department activities, programming at Cranbrook Art Museum, and the artists directly.

For more details and to register, visit or email