Helen Pashgian in her studio, 2020 (image courtesy Radius Books)

Helen Pashgian is getting her first solo exhibition in the state of New Mexico this fall. Opening at SITE Santa Fe on November 19, Helen Pashgian: Presences recognizes this innovative artist’s five-decade career and celebrates her contributions to the Light and Space movement.

For more than 50 years, Los Angeles-based artist Helen Pashgian has devoted herself to the exploration of light and its use as both medium and message. She is a founding member of the Light and Space movement, which emerged in the 1960s in Southern California. Her work ranges from large-scale immersive installations to intimately scaled sculptures. Through decades of experimentation with non-traditional materials and commitment to technique, Pashgian’s distinctive, highly polished sculptures refract and reflect light in such a way as to make light itself both the object and subject of her work.

Helen Pashgian: Presences is an investigation of light in solid form through the mediums of cast resin, plastic, and industrial epoxy. The artist’s luminous spheres, columns, lenses, and wall hangings invite us to experience light as a physical presence, rather than simply a tool through which to see.

Illuminating the breadth and depth of Helen Pashgian’s work, the exhibition centers on her critically acclaimed large-scale sculptural installation, “Untitled” (2012–13), which premiered at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014. The work comprises a selection of spheres and lenses, some newly commissioned, that will take viewers on a journey through poetic investigations of light and space.

About Helen Pashgian
Born in 1934 in Pasadena, California, Pashgian is a preeminent member of the 1960s Light and Space movement in Southern California. Over the course of her career, Pashgian has produced a significant series of sculptures composed of vibrantly colored columns, discs, and spheres that often feature an isolated element that appears suspended, embedded, or encased within.

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Helen Pashgian: Presences is on view from November 19, 2021, through March 27, 2022. The exhibition is organized by SITE Santa Fe and curated by Brandee Caoba.