James Franco Is Real Sad About Jeffrey Deitch and Mad at LA

sad-face-200James Franco is having a tough time right now. His Indiegogo fundraiser for Palo Alto Stories, which comprises three individual films drawn from his high school experiences, doesn’t look like it will reach its $500,000 goal (only 12 hours left!), but the actor/artist/fundraiser/heart throb is also upset that former Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) director Jeffrey Deitch is leaving the institution and perhaps the city.

The actor’s Instagram and Twitterfeed made it known to the world that JF is not happy with the news or, as a matter of fact,  LA. Considering the photo, a black-and-white image of Franco and Deitch in conversation, has over 14,000 likes, there appears to be a lot of people who agree … or maybe they just think Franco looks cute in the pic.


James Franco and his team aren’t the only bold-faced names pining about Deitch’s departure: Jesse Dylan, son of musician Bob Dylan, created a short video that celebrates Deitch in a rather hyperbolic way — it’s titled “Dylan on Deitch: Reinventing the Experience of Art.”

How exactly did Deitch’s reinvent the art experience? The video doesn’t really say. It also tackles why his tenure at MOCA wasn’t successful, and Deitch appears to place the blame on an art community unhappy with an audience that doesn’t differentiate between pop culture and contemporary art.

“Do I understand the reason for the controversy? I understand there are many people in the artist community who see art moving very quickly — who see this new audience that doesn’t differentiate so much whether the artist is John Baldessari or Michel Gondry,” Deitch says in the video.

What is next for Deitch? I, for one, can’t wait to find out, even if I don’t agree with him that Dennis Hopper represents “the great vanguard” of Los Angeles culture.

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