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After stringing us along all day, first promising to post his latest work at 5pm EDT, and then later 6pm, the British street artist has unveiled his latest work a little after 6pm.

Screenshot from

Screenshot from this afternoon.

What it exactly is is anyone’s guess but considering Halloween is near, I’m guessing — judging by the photo — it is spooky.

Crowds have already gathered around Elizabeth and Houston, where Gothamist had reported rumors that something mysterious was happening. They were probably tipped off by the tarp as many of Banksy’s New York works were covered with tarps until they were unveiled to the public.

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We’ll report more as we discover it.

Btw, if you wondered what happened to the Hustler Banksy from yesterday … well, the club removed it for safekeeping, I’m sure:

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Update, 6:20pm EDT: Is this new work based on one from 2010?

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Update, 6:23pm EDT: And now the video for the piece is live:

And the photos from the street have started:

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And what crowds!

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Update 3, 6:33pm EDT: And here it is revealed, more than a half hour after they said it would be (it will be on view until midnight tonight):

And then this happened:

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And another view. Btw, the song is “The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult:

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