5Pointz the morning after (photos courtesy Tiernan Morgan)

5Pointz the morning after (all photos courtesy Tiernan Morgan and used with permission)

This morning 5Pointz was largely deserted. There was hardly anyone in sight after a firestorm of online protest about the midnight buff that erased over a decade of graffiti and street art history in Long Island City.

Last night, a rally garnered some media attention and attracted new graffiti from activists and fans eager to keep the flame of 5Pointz alive. The protesters created a wall of messages to express their grief and anger, and the most popular scrawlings were “5Pointz: Rest in Power” “Beat the Buff!,” and “Fuck the Buff.” One of the cranes was covered with various messages and there is a new mural on a wall opposite 5 Pointz which declares “Rest in Power.”

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Hrag Vartanian

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12 replies on “5Pointz: The Morning After”

  1. Hardly no one in site? You mean hardly anyone in sight? You need an
    editor. Or maybe just take a deep breath before posting, next time….
    It is a shame for your otherwise outstanding coverage of this situation
    to be compromised. Please don’t take this the wrong way.

  2. “RIP Freedom of Creativity”??? huh? come on people! jeez…how is this killing your creativity? If ANYTHING this should be FUELING IT!!

  3. Wanna capture the developer’s attention? Have a couple of satanic priests curse the building, have the media present, post all over social media. Then when the hipsters who are the market for this travesty hear about “trivial” things happening to the buildings, say pipes burst, issues with construction, whatever, they might attribute it to the curse and refuse to move in.

    1. oh please the people you call hipsters, including yourself, are against this as well…hipster is a racist term, stop scapegoating a non-existent people, and giving white artists and cool dressers a bad name you behind the times *****.

      1. Hey ****,
        I’m no “hipster.” 61 years old, born, raised and educated through graduate school in NYC. You, what a *** *** ***? Maybe Idaho? Who the fuck cares? Your head is so far up your ass, your breath smells like shit.

        Yeah, I’m behind the times. I have seen NYU trust fund babies take over neighborhoods, displacing families who have been there for years. Your “white” dilettantes descend on lower income neighborhoods displacing, once again, families who have lived in these neighborhoods for generations.

        For what?

        All in the name of gentrification so some “cool dressers” with their flannel shirts, retarded beards, and herd mentality can fuck up my city?

        You want another hi rise, upper income building, you got it, but don’t call me a racist, you ****, you are the **** racist for not seeing that the low income READ: PEOPLE OF COLOR, are being forced out of this city so some ass wipe “hipsters” can get a better view of the 59th street bridge.

          1. he calls me a “douchebag” and he gets no reprimand?

            Nice double standard..so go f#*k yourself. I will unsubscibe.

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