Lady Gaga in concert (photo via TJ Sengel's Flickstream)

Lady Gaga in concert (photo via TJ Sengel’s Flickstream)

The New York Post has this take on Lady Gaga’s flailing album Artpop, which is “on track to lose $25 million for her label, Interscope, prompting ­rumors of imminent layoffs.” Maureen Callahan opines:

And without anyone formidable to guide her, Lady Gaga, for the first time in her career, seems culturally tone-deaf, releasing an album that’s ostensibly about modern art — a “reverse Warholian expedition,” as Gaga so loftily describes it — to a public that doesn’t care.

The release party, dubbed an “artRave,” was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and included installations by Jeff Koons (who did her album cover), Marina Abramovic and Robert Wilson. Members of Gaga’s audience defaced several sculptures by Koons, whose “Balloon Dog (Orange)” just sold at Christie’s for $58.4 million.

What … the public isn’t passionate about modern art? No shit.

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8 replies on “Lady Gaga’s Artflop”

  1. It is very difficult for me to take lady gaga seriously assome sort of extension of the art world. She is a highly mainstream act, with very high production values. It may be theater, but it isn’t necessarily art. It would be better if she were totally culturally tone deaf, then art might be made. Hmmm. 🙁

  2. “Hey look, I’m extremely wealthy and have access to art superstars.” How is an audience supposed to react to that message and what is the intended outcome?

  3. That “25 million losses, layoffs” has been fabricated by a blogger (at examiner dot com) who actively dislikes Gaga. Funny how many outlets picked it up as true without questioning.

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