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Posted inArt

Capturing the Sound of Abandoned Space

This Saturday, August 9, the Museum of Modern Art will open its first major exhibition of sound art. Soundings: A Contemporary Score presents work by sixteen contemporary artists who use sound, whether as an exclusive medium or in combination with video, installation, painting, sculpture, and more. One of those artists is Jacob Kirkegaard, who’s showing his piece “Aion” (2006), a recording of some of the abandoned spaces of Chernobyl.

Posted inArt

The Camaraderie of Living in the Skies

The smell of recycled air, thin blankets, and fantastic uniforms are all signs to me that I am going “home.” Though “home” is not necessarily where I was born. At 19 years old, I have created a fluctuating notion of home for myself, with each place representing and holding another part of myself, of my experience. I moved to Lugano, Switzerland, last year for college. I completed my first trip to Europe when I was 18 months old. By age six, I had done the 24-hour voyage from the US to Australia.