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This episode, in our ongoing series tracking the impact of COVID-19 on the art community, I talk to the Hyperallergic news team (Jasmine Weber, Valentina Di Liscia, and Hakim Bishara) about the latest Pandemic-related news, including why museums can’t dip into their endowments as easily as we might like, the Guggenheim’s decision to furlough 92 employees, why some union supporters are crying foul with the recent art world layoffs. We also discuss the impact of the cancellation of Indian Market in Santa Fe, an artist fundraiser for Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, how artists are helping to decorate hospitals, and even some memes.

A special thanks to Nathan Fox for letting us use his track “I Can’t Hang.” To learn more, you can check out his Facebook page.

And a thank you to Gina Volpe for allowing us to use a short clip of her catchy song “Don’t Touch Your Face,” and for answering my questions about her inspiration.

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Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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