From Raven Chacon and Cristobal Martinez’s A Song Often Played On the Radio, streaming as part of COUSIN’s CYCLE 0 program (courtesy Imagine Native)

The artist collective COUSIN and film foundation Cinereach have announced their first wave of jointly funded projects. The organizations have partnered to commission a mix of features, shorts, installations, and hybrid projects from Indigenous artists. They include evocations of Aztec mythology, a documentary on various contemporary Native American issues, and a contrast between various US conspiracy theories and the real conspiracies against the land’s native people.

COUSIN was founded by filmmakers Sky Hopinka, Adam Khalil, Alexandra Lazarowich, and Adam Piron to support Indigenous artists working in avant-garde and experimental cinema. In a statement, Lazarowich says: “Our intent was to use our collective privilege to create more space for diverse Indigenous artists whose work might not fit in other funding avenues, and with the support of Cinereach, we have been able to fund nine incredible projects in our first year.”

Biographies of the artists and summaries of their respective projects can be found on COUSIN’s website.

  • Colectivo Los Ingrávidos: Tlaltícpac
  • Raven Chacon: Silent Choir (3 Songs)
  • Olivia Camfield & Woodrow Hunt: If You Look Under There You’ll Find It
  • seth cardinal dodginghorse: Nadisnoni Cowa Gut’i
  • Miguel Hilari: A River
  • Laura Hinman: One Big Selfie + Shy Heart
  • Kite: Brighter Than The Brightest Star I’ve Ever Seen
  • Eve-Lauryn LaFountain: Re/DisLocation
  • Rhayne Vermette: Ste. Anne

Previous works by the commissioned artists will be featured in a special streaming program that COUSIN will be hosting this weekend. CYCLE 0 begins Friday, May 8, and will continue through Sunday, May 10. Friday and Saturday’s respective lineups will become available to watch at midnight EST on each day, with a live stream of the films happening at 8 pm EST, followed by streams of Q&As with the filmmakers. The full lineup will be free to watch all day Sunday.

Dan Schindel is a freelance writer and copy editor living in Brooklyn, and a former associate editor at Hyperallergic. His portfolio and links are here.