What Are Your Favorite Flood Artworks?

A photo of the flooding in Atlantic City, New Jersey by Instagram user hoebama (via Instacane)

The staff of Hyperallergic is working from their homes today since Hurricane Sandy has us all homebound awaiting what meterologists say will be a deluge.

This extra time perched at our windows, watching people brave the winds and water, and listening to the police drive through the streets informing us that we should not be on the streets in Zone A — oops, that’s where I live — got us thinking about the history of flood paintings.

We hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy stays safe and please exercise all precautions.

Here is a little distraction for those of you who may be trapped at home, like us, or hearing news of the massive storm. Take a look and please vote for your favorite.

And in the meantime, you can visit instacane.com for all #instacane tagged photos from Instagram. It offers a rather intimate portrait of the coming storm.

Michelangelo’s “The Deluge” detail of the Sistine Chapel (1508-09) (via Web Gallery of Art)
Leonardo da Vinci, Drawing of a flood (c.1500) (via wikipaintings.org)
Jean-Baptiste Regnault, “Deluge” (c. 1789) (via necspenecmetu.tumblr.com)
Francis Danby, “The Deluge” (c.1840) (via Wikipedia)
Ivan Aivazovsky, “Deluge” (1864) (via Wikipaintings)
Alfred Sisley, “Boat in the Flood at Port Marly” (1876) (via commons.wikimedia.org)
Maximilien Luce, “The Flood” (1910) (via artscroll.ru)
Thomas Hart Benton, “Flight of the Thielens” (1938) (via wikipaintings.org)
Superflex, “Flooded McDonalds” (2009) (via superflex.net/floodedmcdonalds)
Banksy, “I Don’t Believe in Global Warming” (2009) (via rssefsun.com)
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