As the death toll from Israel’s attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip continues to rise, a guerrilla projection last night, May 13, illuminated a building in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood with messages of solidarity with Palestinians.

According to the latest reports from Gaza, more than 120 Palestinians, including at least 31 children, have been killed from Israel’s bombardment since Monday. Another 900 people were wounded. In Israel, seven people were killed by Hamas rockets while tensions between Jews and Arabs continue to flare up in mixed cities.

A projection in Brooklyn organized by Decolonize This Place and Within Out Lifetime in collaboration with the Illuminator.”

The projection, organized by the Illuminator collective with the activist group Decolonize This Place and the Palestinian-led organization Within Our Lifetime, was held at the corner of Everit Street and Old Fulton Street.

Against the view of Manhattan’s shimmering skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, messages read: “Defend Palestine”; “Defend Sheikh Jarrah”; “All Eyes on Palestine”; and more.

“Intifada” (uprising) in Arabic

“As Palestinians rise to protect one another, we too must rise from every corner in the world to defend and protect Palestine and Palestinian resistance,” Within Our Lifetime wrote on Instagram.

In another Instagram post, the group wrote: “There is no way the world can continue to watch this horror without taking action.”

A message listing the number of victim in Gaza, adds: “The world is witnessing genocide; Tine to act!”
“Support Palestinian Resistance from Jerusalem to Gaza”

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