October 27–December 15, 2021

How does criticism operate today? Which of its practices are suited to the present? Which are not? Who speaks, for whom, about what, and how? Can the discipline challenge categorical, colonial, and canonical thinking toward a more compelling, generous, and polyvocal discursive landscape in the arts?

Curious Criticism is a free programming series by C Magazine that brings together writers, critics, artists, curators, and other thinkers to take up these questions in relation to their manifold practices of reflecting on contemporary art and culture. With a focus on form, Curious Criticism plays on “curious” as a method (engaged, eager, inclined to plunge) as well as a descriptor for certain creative-critical leanings (unorthodox, strange, queer). This series seeks to facilitate deep, meaningful engagement with the objects, images, texts, and experiences that we encounter in art — considering all the while what it means to do so in the midst of global crisis.

From October 27 through December 15, join us for talks, conversations, workshops, and roundtables featuring Harry Dodge, ​​Zoe Todd, TJ Shin, Miriam Jordan-Haladyn, Jas M. Morgan, Tairone Bastien, Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, David Garneau, Nehal El-Hadi, Fan Wu, Benjamin de Boer, Lucy Wowk, Jeanne Randolph, Alex MF Quicho, Azza El Siddique, Patrick Cruz, Tazeen Qayyum, Golboo Amani, Sean Lee, Amanda Cachia, and more.

For detailed event information and free registration, visit cmagazine.com.

We will be using Zoom’s auto-transcription feature for all programs. Contact info@cmagazine.com with any additional accessibility requests.

This symposium is part of C Magazine’s ongoing Experiments in Criticism program.