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Posted inPerformance

Butoh, the Body, and Perception

There’s a moment in your first life-drawing class where your perception shifts and you start looking at the naked body in front of you differently. At least that was my experience. Instead of feeling uncomfortable with the nudity or paying attention to judgments and assumptions about the person in front of me, I started to look at the lines and curves of their body, the connections between joints, colors, and textures.

Posted inArt

A Chicago Alderman Opens His Office to Art

CHICAGO — It’s become increasingly normal to see art shows in unusual locations, but recently I found one in a place that was a first for me: a Chicago alderman’s office. The politician is Ameya Pawar, alderman for the 47th ward on Chicago’s north side, and for the past couple of years he has opened the office walls to art created by artists from the ward (or who have a strong connection to the ward).