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Tension and Theater in the Picket Lines of #OccupyWallStreet

Today I walked the picket line with members of Occupy Wall Street who are in their seventh day of protest against big banks and corporations. As rain clouds darkened, a group of protesters began to assemble and lead the way out of Liberty Plaza, with several cops bringing up the line. Things remained under control and relatively peaceful, but there was plenty of tension in the air.

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On Being in an Olek

“Something I Guarantee You’ve Never Done Before” was the title of the Facebook invitation I got. “Hmm.” I thought. The invitation was somewhat secretive, but the link that was provided confirmed what I suspected. Being somewhat familiar with Olek’s work from some of the press she’s gotten, I knew it would involve spending time in a full-body crocheted costume. A few weeks later after determining I didn’t have anything better to do (and I mean that in the best possible way), I decided to go for it. Crocheting is a very occasional hobby of mine. I’ve always had an affinity for it over knitting, which seems to be the hipper of these crafts, and I wanted to get more familiar with Olek’s work after her last show titled KnittingisforPus*****.

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50 People Get Naked for Art on Wall Street, 3 Get Arrested

Wall Street is a bizarre place. Major investment banks, hedge funds and other members of the world’s financial elite tank the world’s economy and practically no one gets arrested. Fifty participants in a performance art project by Zefrey Throwell, Ocularpation: Wall Street, get naked and three are arrested and are awaiting court appearances. America, consider this your wake up call.