Ai Weiwei

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Who could forget Ai Weiwei’s foray into music last spring? Now he’s branching out creatively once more, this time with his first acting role.

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Post image for Elmgreen and Dragset Weigh in on Marfa Madness, Alleged Vandal Responds

Elmgreen and Dragset, the duo behind the recently defaced conceptual storefront “Prada Marfa,” have condemned the vandalism in a statement to the Art Newspaper published earlier today. “It is crazy that we have come to a point in our culture where some individuals in their insane egomania, eager to obtain a bit of attention, start attacking other artists’ works,” the artists told the paper.

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Post image for Ai Weiwei Responds to Vase Dropper

In his first remarks since local artist Maximo Caminero smashed a vase in one of his artworks on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Ai Weiwei told the Associated Press that he doesn’t understand or agree with the vandal’s actions.

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Post image for Video of Man Smashing Ai Weiwei Vase Emerges

BBC has uncovered unverified video of Miami artist Maximo Caminero destroying part of Ai Weiwei’s “Colored Vases” (2006–12) artwork.

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Post image for Artist Smashes Ai Weiwei Vase to Protest Museum’s Snub of Local Artists

Miami-based artist Maximo Caminero, 51, hurled himself into the media spotlight when he dropped a vase that was part of Ai Weiwei’s According to What? retrospective currently at the Perez Art Museum Miami.

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A Look Inside Miami’s New Art Museum

by Susan Silas on December 19, 2013

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MIAMI — On opening night, I dutifully parked my car in the Omni parking lot as instructed and got inside the double-decker bus that would take me five or so blocks to the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). That ride on the top deck took nearly twenty minutes. We drove up the long driveway, past half-finished buildings, and were deposited in front of a gleaming jewel with swarms of people lined up at the doors.

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Post image for For Ai Weiwei, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

We’ve been through this before. I’m a HUGE Ai Weiwei fan. He somehow continues to send out beautiful and challenging transmissions from behind the bonefart razor wall of oppression and torture that is the Chinese government. He was a 100 percenter as far as I was concerned, from intention to viewpoint to execution. Always on, never sorry. And then the music started. Golden art god, interrupted.

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Post image for The Artistic Vision of an Artist Who Almost Disappeared

VENICE — Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei’s six-part “S.A.C.R.E.D.” (2011–2013) is a stark installation that sits underneath a round heavenly fresco by late Baroque artist Sebastiano Ricci and surrounded by works by other well-known Italian Old Masters.

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Post image for No Supper for You! Ai Weiwei Goes Heavy Metal

Look, Ai Weiwei’s been through hell. But that doesn’t mean he needs to put the rest of us through it. And yet, here we are — “Dumbass” has arrived. In terms of metal, Ai Weiwei, in one song, has become the Billy Ray Cyrus of the genre. Billy Ray is about as country as Pat Boone was heavy metal. And as far as metal cred goes, Pat Boone was more believable than Ai.

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Post image for The Architectural Is Always Political

New York’s East 53rd Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenues, is full of nondescript Manhattan skyscrapers. In the courtyard of one of these clinically clean buildings, however, there are five crumbling, old slabs of concrete covered in graffiti. It’s hard to believe that these blocks, so out of place in their surroundings, were once part of one of the most politically charged structures in the world, one that divided the globe in two based on ideology and geopolitics — the Berlin Wall.

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