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Post image for Artists Buy Trump Campaign Bus on Craigslist, Turn It Into Anti-Trump Art Project

Late last year David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic, cofounders of politically minded art collective T. Rutt, learned via Rachel Maddow that a Donald Trump campaign bus was up for sale on Craigslist in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Post image for Queering the Feminine Through a Many-Layered Lens

Liss LaFleur’s work is at once in your face and delicate, choosing a mode of seduction that utilizes pastiche to lure the viewer in with a hint of familiarity — then jolting them into a world that questions the status quo.

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Post image for In a Performance, Walid Raad Playfully Probes His MoMA Survey

A note of hysteria begins to creep into Walid Raad’s voice as he concludes his hour-long monologue performance, “Scratching on things I could disavow: Walkthrough,” at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Post image for A Chinese Performance Artist Who Balances Politics and Poetics

CHENGDU, China — In a series of eight-hour-long actions titled Puzzling Tracks, Zhou Bin placed an ant on a piece of rice paper.

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Post image for “All Artists Are Theater Artists”: Taylor Mac on the Connections Between Performance Art and Plays

Queerness revolts in the Podunk setting of Taylor Mac’s newest play, Hir, currently running at Playwrights Horizons.

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In Brief

The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

by Carey Dunne on November 12, 2015

Post image for The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović, the world’s only household name performance artist — Shia LaBeouf notwithstanding — is being sued by her former collaborator and lover, the German artist Ulay.

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Post image for A Trauma Salon, Art Critic Drag, and More During the 12-Day Brooklyn Performancy Forum

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL is a 12-day public conference of live performances, talks, discussions, interactivities, workshops, and other projects centering around and presented as performance.

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Post image for A Performance Artist Draws with His Teeth

Tomorrow at noon, visual and performing artist Tony Orrico will sit down at an eight-by-eight-foot sheet of paper and begin to chew.

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Post image for Faced with a Rising Tide, Artist Lets It Wash Over Her

For 12 to 13 hours, New York City–based artist Sarah Cameron Sunde stands stock-still in the sea, surrendering herself to nature’s forces, from the rocking of waves to extreme temperatures.

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Post image for Dissident Artist Convinces Russian Detective to Quit His Job

A Russian police investigator interrogates a detained political artist, with the end result being that the detective — his eyes opened to the state’s abuses of power — renounces his badge.

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