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Post image for “All Artists Are Theater Artists”: Taylor Mac on the Connections Between Performance Art and Plays

Queerness revolts in the Podunk setting of Taylor Mac’s newest play, Hir, currently running at Playwrights Horizons.

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In Brief

The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

by Carey Dunne on November 12, 2015

Post image for The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović, the world’s only household name performance artist — Shia LaBeouf notwithstanding — is being sued by her former collaborator and lover, the German artist Ulay.

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Post image for A Trauma Salon, Art Critic Drag, and More During the 12-Day Brooklyn Performancy Forum

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL is a 12-day public conference of live performances, talks, discussions, interactivities, workshops, and other projects centering around and presented as performance.

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Post image for A Performance Artist Draws with His Teeth

Tomorrow at noon, visual and performing artist Tony Orrico will sit down at an eight-by-eight-foot sheet of paper and begin to chew.

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Post image for Faced with a Rising Tide, Artist Lets It Wash Over Her

For 12 to 13 hours, New York City–based artist Sarah Cameron Sunde stands stock-still in the sea, surrendering herself to nature’s forces, from the rocking of waves to extreme temperatures.

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Post image for Dissident Artist Convinces Russian Detective to Quit His Job

A Russian police investigator interrogates a detained political artist, with the end result being that the detective — his eyes opened to the state’s abuses of power — renounces his badge.

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Post image for Swiss City Grooms for First Nude Public Performance Art Festival

On August 21, the world’s first official, naked public performance art festival will occur in the streets of Biel, Switzerland, featuring projects from 18 international artists.

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Post image for LA’s Hammer Museum Attracts Major Artists for Performance Marathon

On September 26–27, the Hammer Museum will present ALL THE INSTRUMENTS AGREE: an exhibition or a concert, a two-day program of back-to-back live performances by over 25 local, national, and international sound artists, music collectives, art bands, and visual artists.

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Post image for The Artist Who Turns Glass Shards and IV Drips into Instruments

For decades, Lucas Abela played turntables hooked up to all sorts of objects, from swords to meat skewers to amplified trampolines. Since 2003, however, the Australian experimental sound artist’s instrument of choice has been a large shard of glass.

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Post image for Art World Rallies Around Bank-Robbing Filmmaker

It was intended as a provocative video performance. Late last year, Joseph Gibbons walked into banks in New York and Rhode Island and videotaped himself robbing them.

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