Mike Houston, "Overheard in NYC II" woodcut (via cannonballpress.com)

Mike Houston, “Overheard in NYC II” woodcut (via cannonballpress.com)

We’re in Soho on Tuesdays, the Lower East Side on Wednesdays, Chelsea on Thursdays, Bushwick on Saturdays. We go to openings, art fairs, auctions, performances, lectures, galas, member events, after-parties. (Oh the afterparties!) WE are the New York Art World, though we do travel, so we’re really everywhere.

Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

The art world spread its wings over Manhattan these past few weeks, taking over warehouses, piers, churches, and an island when the Frieze fair graced us with its presence and attracting those gossiping, traffic-inducing, ill-informed celebrity “collectors” when the Metropolitan Museum of Art rolled out its red carpet:

“Damn, she looks likes she’s getting married AND divorced.”
—overheard at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala Red Carpet (via @museumteens)

“They should make the celebs take the subway.” (regarding the traffic jam near the Met tonight).
—overheard on Twitter (@debrahampton)

“Let’s walk through and then go back through in reverse to take pictures so if we get kicked out, we’ve already seen it.”
—overheared at Punk: Chaos to Couture members’ preview at the Metropolitan Museum

Him: “I’d buy that piece in a heartbeat but I don’t know about the unfinished wood.’
Her: “But that’s the whole piece.”
—overheard at Janet KURNATOWSKI gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

“In my high school there was a group that were called the alternatives, but they all looked the same.”
—overheard being said by one of the performers in Tino Seghal “This Situation” (2007) at the Musée d’art contemporain in Montreal

“I don’t know how I feel about my selfie right now.”
—overheard at the Museum of Modern Art in the room with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”

“Play that song about selling coke.”
—overheard at Creative Time gala at the Domino Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“Why are there so many mirrors?”
—overheard at the 2013 Frieze New York art fair

“We need to find some love in here for Dan Colen even though he’s a self-centered spoiled skater punk.”
—overheard at the 2013 Frieze New York art fair

“It’s only Dan Colen.”
—overheard at artist William Powhida’s Williamsburg studio sale

“There’s sooooo nothing to watch. I’m watching Battlestar Galactica for the second time.”
—overheard at the 2013 Nada New York art fair

“I’m looking to see where everyone is getting their rainbow sparkle.”
—overheard at the 2013 Nada New York art fair

“I’ve been waiting around for paint to dry.”
—overheard at the 2013 Nada New York art fair

Man: “Are you reviewing this?”
Woman: “Yes. ”
Man: “Do you know who it’s by?”
Woman: “No. ”
—overheard at the 2013 Nada New York art fair

“I’m really glad they have a design fair in NYC now; but I’m still not sure what ‘design’ is exactly.”
—overheard at the 2013 Collective Design Fair

[Woman approaches] “Hi!! How are you?! It’s sooo good to see you.”
[Brief exchange, woman leaves] “That woman is such a bitch.”
—overheard at the 2013 Collective Design Fair

“It’s a strange time in the art world.”
—overheard at the Papier13 art fair in Montreal

“Well, the best part about *that* fair might have been waiting outside in the entry  line in the sun.”
—overheard at the 2013 Cutlog art fair in New York

“This section looks like a high school student art show, just sayin’.”
—overheard at the 2013 Cutlog art fair in New York

“Oh! I was gonna go to that fair, but I stayed home and got high instead.”
—overheard at the Wallpaper magazine Frieze New York party at Le Baron

—overheard on Facebook

“I just went to the art fairs on Instagram this year.”
—overheard at an art world dinner party

“Are you taking me somewhere to kill me?”
—overheard during the Greenpoint Gallery Night

Hou Hanru: “I hate young artists.”
—Overheard at a dinner in Melbourne, Australia

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