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The Beauty of Christopher Middleton’s Prose

by John Yau on October 26, 2014

Post image for The Beauty of Christopher Middleton’s Prose

A few years ago, in an essay called “Why I am a Member of the Christopher Middleton Fan Club,” I stated the need for “a selected prose that brings together all the different kinds of writing he has done.” Loose Cannons: Selected Prose, which includes an insightful foreword by one of Middleton’s most vocal and articulate champions, August Kleinzahler, is pretty close to the book I had in mind.

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Post image for Against Despotic Forms of Perfection: Jane Corrigan’s New Paintings

The focus of Jane Corrigan’s first solo show at Kerry Schuss is young female athletes who, by virtue of their age – they are adolescents – are likely to be undergoing biological changes as well.

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Angela Dufresne,

In the foreground of the painting, “Dwarf, Goat, Woman, Man and Head” (2014), a young woman in a striped red and blue bikini is standing in a forest, where it has recently snowed, multitasking. She cradles a decapitated head in the crook of her left arm, while, with her right hand, she is about to push down on the head of a naked dwarf with an erection standing beside her.

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Harriet Korman’s Chromatic and Linear Improvisations

by John Yau on September 21, 2014

Harriet Korman, 'Untitled

The key to Harriet Korman’s work is drawing. However, until this exhibition, Harriet Korman: Line or Edge, Line or Color, New Paintings and Drawings, at Lennon, Weinberg she has tended to show only a few drawings at a time.

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James Bishop’s Incommodious Beauty

by John Yau on September 14, 2014

James Bishop,

I have been waiting to see a large selection of James Bishop’s paintings since the mid-1970s, ever since reading John Ashbery’s appraisal in a secondhand copy of Art News Annual 1966.

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Justine Kurland,

The following email exchange with the photographer Justine Kurland focuses on her exhibition, Sincere Auto Care, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, which is accompanied by a self-published book with the same title.

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Post image for An Occasion to Celebrate Occasional Press and the Artist Joe Wilson

I have been a fan of small and independent presses ever since I discovered the Grolier Poetry Book Shop (6 Plympton Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts) during my senior year of high school.

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Post image for Weekend Studio Visit: Denis Farrell in Oughterard, County Galway, Connemara, Ireland

The first work by the Irish artist, Denis Farrell, which I saw was a box titled Ukiyo (2011), containing seventy equally-sized, abstract watercolors. Ideally, the watercolors are supposed to be framed and mounted across all the walls of a gallery, becoming a sequence inviting the viewer to look at each work.

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Jeff Koons,

Recently, I read a statement by Kenneth Turan, film critic for the LA Times, that struck a chord. As a poet and art critic, it is impossible to ignore the reams of exaggeration I am bombarded with on a daily basis, from blurbs attesting to the gorgeous mastery to be found in a young poet’s first book to the unrivaled brilliance to be encountered in an artist’s most recent exhibition.

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Marilyn Lerner's studio, New York

I first went to Marilyn Lerner’s studio shortly after I reviewed her show at John Good for Artforum (May, 1989), and have gone periodically ever since.

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