The Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas at Austin presents Social Fabric: Art and Activism in Contemporary Brazil, opening Friday, September 30. The exhibition brings together the work of 10 artists who reflect upon the long-standing histories of oppressive power structures in the territory now known as Brazil.

Blurring the line between art and activism, these artists contribute to both local and global conversations about the state of democracy, racial injustice, and the violence inflicted by the nation-state. In doing so, their aim is to ask audiences to consider how the agendas and policies of those in power are visually articulated in public space and inscribed in official narratives.

The artists’ propositions examine the function of art as a platform for critical engagement with the historical, political, and cultural configurations of a particular place. Rosana Paulino’s Tecido Social (2010), from which the exhibition takes its title, provides a timely roadmap to approach these ideas while inviting us to imagine anew, stitch by stitch, a more equitable future.

Social Fabric is on view at the Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas at Austin through March 10, 2023.

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