How did this all happen? I’m not sure but in the last year or so I imagined starting a new online publication that brought together the best of the art blogosphere and art magazine cultures to create…well, I’m not exactly sure what it created, but here it is…voilà!

I’ve called in a few favors to make this all happen and hired, begged and cajoled some amazing people to work their programming magic and write some wonderful pieces. We hope to bring you some interesting thinking about contemporary art–thinking being the operative word. This site is a forum to develop ideas, generate debate (even amongst ourselves) and pose the billion dollar question of what is art, ok, what is good art…sounds wimpy…how about “what is fuckin’ amazing art!” Guess I’m getting a little too excited but that’s a good thing in the art world, or at least I hope it is. We’ll have to find out.


After saying all this I do want to point out that Hyperallergic is a work in progress. It is an experiment to create a forum for good art writing by people who love art. While the blogazine is only one part of Hyperallergic–a podcast and journal will follow–it is the mothership for the whole endeavor.

So, make sure you subscribe to our feed and newsletter and join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Otherwise, welcome to the pleasure dome, take a seat, click at will and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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